I am developping a html page that contains text fields and a pdf. The problem is that i should get my data from the text field into the text field from my pdf. How can I do that?
Thanks in advance.
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webwomanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can't have HTML and PDF on the same page. It's not possible. You MAY be able to get the info fed into the PDF, but it's far from easy. Getting text from a PDF into something else is also possible, but again, not easy.  

Check Adobe's web site, they should have at least some links.
Eric AKA NetminderCommented:
webwoman, as usual, is correct. The best you'll be able to do is put a link to the pdf on your html page.

What you might be able to do, with a lot of fairly sophisticated server-side programming, is take the information from the fields, insert the data into a database, and then print a report to a pdf file, the name of which and link to which could be displayed on an ASP/CFM/PHP page -- but I wouldn't want to try to write the server-side programming to do it.

webwoman is right about not being able to have HTML and PDF on the same page. If you want to transfer data from HTML form fields to PDF form fields, you can use PHP to create an FDF (Forms Data Format) file to merge the data into the PDF but you may need to do quite some reading on how to use that. See the PHP manual at the website.

If you want to transfer form data from PDF to HTML, you can easily do that with PHP by having the PDF form submit data to a PHP script which will print the data on the HTML form using PHP's echo command.
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>> html page that contains text fields and a pdf. >>

This is patently impossible. However, since zicov hasn't come back to clarify what they're trying to do, there isn't much more we can do.
It's really not *that* difficult to create PDFs from user input via HTML form!

Using PHP and PDFLib is fairly straight forward - you might want to consider this option.

This way it is also possible to store all the submitted data in a MySQL database and then recreate the PDFs whenever you need to!

We are developing a system for a client where the user is essentially filling in an application form via an HTML form. This is then submitted and written to a database where the client's administrator can check the details have been submitted correctly. Once checked, the PDF is printed and processed in their usual manner (whatever that is...).

The nice bit is that the user never sees the PDF, hence no big d/load, no waiting for plugin to load etc

If you need any more info/help on this, just post here and then I'll contact you privately.
That's not the same thing as having HTML AND PDF on the same page.

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I figure it is somewhat possible to have HTML and PDF on the same page using frames, one window frame for each, although that may not be in ones best interest.
If it's framed, they're not the same page. They're different pages, in a frameset. And it's problematic at best, when one of them is a PDF. YOu get the Acrobat toolbar, which really messes up the frames.
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