Debug Information...

I want that exception handler of my program will run a log file with some information, like
1. Class  + function name.
2. unit name + line number
3. Call stack
and any another run-time information that can help to locate a problem.

Question is how to get the information?  
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DragonSlayerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
also check out the madException unit by Madshi at
Get the Jedi Code Library from and have a look at the debugextension example.
gotta check that one out :)
I use TExceptionalMagic from :)
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SlavakAuthor Commented:
Thanks, guys.

JCL components just has no help. From the site there is should be jcl.chm file. But I cannot see it on the page :(.

TExceptionalMagic component should provide global variable ExceptionHook, but when I try use it, it always nil.

Madshi component worked!!!

So, I guess, points is for DragonSlayer. May be I should give some for Madshi?
Please download the whole JCL. The help file is inside it.
just purchase his component, he'll be more than happy :)
:-)  Thanx DragonSlayer!

Slavak, please give the points to DragonSlayer.

My stuff is free for non-commercial purpose, but you have to get free license keys from me (see freeKeys.html). Without those license keys your program will deny to run on any other than your development PC.

Jedi comes with full sources and without the need for license keys. You may want to compare yourself. Well, I like my exception handling stuff better by a whole lot, but probably I'm a bit biased...   :-)

Regards, Madshi.
Hi Madshi :)

Well, another way of getting his components for free is to try your very best to be in the Top 10 Delphi Experts... I've been trying hard but to no avail yet, lol, so good luck! :)
Madshi, I sent the payment for the component -it is a dream!- last week, and haven't recieved my key, nor I have used any free key, just instaled, a little configuring, and compiled.

But I didn't noticed that I need a free key to try it out of my PC, so as I didn't know I can't do it, I did it... and IT WORKS on other PCs... but now I am confused, mostly because I spreaded the "today version" with this error handling and have taken it out from my page until I clarify this point... my customer could kill me if they update and it stop working!

Just for the records, I paid it to him BEFORE udataing my app -even before fully testing it in my app- so no comercial use was done before paiment. ;)
You're currently using the non-commercial version, which is not limited in functionality. So you don't need to worry. It's ok that way, as long as you did buy a license.

But I'm wondering why you didn't receive a key! Which is your order number? And under which name and for which company did you buy the license? Perhaps we should move this to email?

P.S: Wow, almost 3 years after the question was asked...   :-)
Ops, my K9 spam filter filtered it out... It is not very well trained on english texts, as most of my emails are in spanish and english emails are spam 99.9% of time.

I rescued both email texts from my K9 logs, and the file itself from my eudora attach folder -thanks god I don't use OutLook- as I only delete the message texts -attached viruses sleep in this folder until we kill them, they are harmless in here-. Don't worry about re-sending anything, Madshi.

Ok, I have a couple of questions for you, but this is not the place anyhow.
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