Problem embedding a large movie in Flash MX

Hello all,
I am have some difficulty embedding a somewhat long movie into a flash movie.  I have a 14 minute movie that I would like to insert in a Flash page.  The Flash page will be playing off of a local drive on a computer, so it will not have to stream over the Internet.  Hence, file size should not be a problem.  Anyway, I captured the movie in Premier and saved it as both a uncompresed AVI file and an uncompressed  MOV file.  When I try to import either of these files into a Flash project, it freezes up about 2/3 of the way through.  I tried running the uncompressed movie though Sorenson SqueezeIt first, and then import the resulting .flc file into Flash.  I have no problem importing the file into the Flash library, but when I try to insert the movie from the library to the stage, it again freezes up.  I do
not think it is because there are too many frames in the movie.  The total number of frames is approximately 10,000.  I believe Flash can handle 16,000 frames...right?  My computer is a 2.2 GHz Pentium 4 with 1024 Megs of RAM.  I would think that should be enough to handle this movie too.  I have done this
with shorter movies (about 5 minutes) without any problem.  Any idea what the problem may be?
Thanks in advance,
Stephen Pintauro

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ZefferConnect With a Mentor Commented:
as you have had no problem with 5 minute movies you could
edit your long one into 3 sections and play them consecutively. If you want to try this put the three sections on separate layers in the same movie..if you line up the first frame of the new section with the last frame of the should play seamlessly.
choose a cut or frames where there is little the movie.. as the places to do the edits

Try drawing an empty box the dimensions of your 'film'..
convert it to a movie symbol(x)..
open the movie (x) and import your 'film' into here.
See if it will run now.
If you do this..or plan the layout with a small 'film'
in symbol x(which you replace later with the large one).. at the start of a project and build the Flash movie around your central 'film' are less likely to have problems.

To move symbol x from the library or around the stage will
require large amounts of RAM, which admittedly you have
but it is easier on the system to plan using smaller elements.

There is better way to import movie in falsh-mx.
I think you are using flash-mx.

1. import movie on the stage.

2. It will ask you Import video settings->HIT OK.

3. It will give flash worning about "This video requirs n(in your case it is 10000) frames to display its entire lenght........ inserted into timeline span?" Yes/No? HIT "NO"

 This will place only first frame of that avi file on stage.

4. Place this frame where you needed.

5. Select that frame and hit F8 or Convert to symbol. Select option as Movie give proper Name for that movie and HIT OK button. Again this time flash ask same question in the step 3. At this time say YES. May be this time flash will take same time import this movie. Wait for some time.

That's it you will get movie on stage and inside flash movie object.

This method has two advantage,

1. Movie get imported and positioned without taking any time
2. You are getting imported movie in flash lib. obj.

I think this will solve your problem.
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It really is the same comment as mine..Unless sjp is
indeed using MX..but I do not wish to assume that.

Both methods....
1. Import the movie into a movie object
2. Allow for the easy (time-saving) positioning of the object.

ps comment was shorter:)
This is my way to submit comments to question, which helps more to asker.

There is difference at the initial process, instead of creating box and conveting into object and importing movie in it. Again You have to make sure that dimensions of box should match with imported movie size, this is more work.

I used built-in functionlity of flash-mx(as he said in question header, I saw later).

You and I know both methods works. Now need to wait for comments from sjp.
sjp060497Author Commented:
Well.....I tried rootdir's suggestion, but no luck.  In Step 5 of his response above, it looked like it was importing the movie, but then it would just stop about 3/4 of the way through.  As before, I tried this with both an umcompressed avi and mov file, as well as with a movie compressed with Sorenson Squeeze as an flc file.  I just ordered a Power Mac G4 (my first ever Mac) and I will be interested to see if the same problem occurs with Flash MX on a Mac.  Any other ideas?
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