Where can i get files for a colplete SuSE Linux Installation (ISO's)

I want to download SuSE Linux current (7.3) but i understand they dont do iso's like Red Hat etc. I was wandering if anywone knew what to download and where from to make CD's yourself, since a fast internet connection is a luxury that i wont have for much longer and I would like the CD's incase of a reinstall situation.

Or is it that SuSE have stopped supporting any means of downloading their distribution on popular machines (probably due to too many users wanting their distribution at once).

I noticed that the full kit is available for other achitectures like the IA64, I am after i386.

So does anybody know where i can get or make the iso's needed to install SuSE linux from for the i386 architecture?
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elniniokevConnect With a Mentor Commented:
btw they have all the major distro's iso's there as well so you can try out a few


they also have SuSE 8.0 evaluation iso there as well :)
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