Use VB ActiveX dll with ColdFusion

I have written several ActiveX dll in VB. Now I am asked to use them with ColdFusion. I have no experience with ColdFusion.

My 2 questions:

1. Can anyone give me a line of ColdFusion code example on how to use MyDLL.MyObject(MyParameter) through ColdFusion.

2. Are there any special configurations necessary on the ColdFusion Server to run my ActiveX.dll

Any quick help is greately appreciated.
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vbDocConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To call a COM object in ColdFusion, type the following:
<CFOBJECT TYPE="COM" CLASS="Macramedia.Comex.1" NAME="objCompany" ACTION="Create">

This example creates a Company object and then polulate it with properties such as the following:

<CFSET objCompany.company_name="Macromeda">
<CFSET objCompany.for_profit="1">

The information that you have entered into the object can be used within a ColdFusion page as follows:
  Company Name: #objCompany.company_name#<br>
  For Profit: #objCompany.for_profit#<br>

HiThereAuthor Commented:
Thanks vbDoc,

I will try this and let you know.

Would this work with any of my ActiveX dll (compiled in VB6) provided that they are registered accordingly on the server ? I ask this because someone, who claims to be CF expert, warned me that one needs MS Transaction Server to make this work (which sounds like nonsense to me).

Any ideas ?
I think that he is thinking DCOM and not DLL. I mySelf have tried it, but I have a good source that I got it from.

Hey .. .. did it work?
HiThereAuthor Commented:
Sorry vbDoc,

I was on leave for two weeks. I should have mentioned this earlier not to keep you waiting.

Your answer is good. Thanks a lot.
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