Restoring Exchange 5.5

Okay, here's the situation ... and it's a little wierd.  There is probably an easy way to solve this problem, I'm just not an expect with Exchange - fairly new to the admin of exchange.

We have a Win2k SP2 server running Exchange 5.5 SP4.  That server crashed.  When it was orginally built (not done by me) the company was named one thing ... after it crashed I had to rebuild it and entered the new company name into the org field.  And now when I attempted to restore the private and public information store I get an error saying that the info store is from a different site.

So I built another server (Win2k SP2) and installed Exchange 5.5 SP2 using the old org name.  But even that server still won't accept the restored information stores.  I don't get an error other than a message in the event log stating the information store service cannot be started due to an unknown error.

How can I restore the backed up information store from the previous org name to the new org name.  By the way, the site name and the domain name never changed - just the org name.
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1. You must use the exact organizatin and site name.
2. You must have the same EXACT service pack installed on the Exchange server
Once you have installed with the same EXACT organization and site names - and have the same service pack - you should be able to restore the information store without any problems.

To check the exact org name, make a copy of pub.edb, open it with notepad and search for "/o=" - this will highlight the EXACT org and site names.
/o= <-- is the organization name
/ou= <-- is the site name

When you install, case and space sensitively enter the org and site name from the previous server -
You must have the same service pack as well, even if you have the same org and site name, the information store will not start if you don't have the same service pack level. The I.S. will detect the version of store.exe is not current and it will not initialize.

Review the following email i sent to a customer for the exact steps -

Install Exchange server using the same organization and site name with the same server name

Apply the same service pack as the production server (same goes for the O.S.)

Stop the directory service and rename the dsadata and mdbdata folders on all drives (check all drives, if you ran optimizer it might have separated the logs and the databases)

Create new dsadata folders and mdbdata folders for each one that you renamed

Restore the directory service and the information store from tape backup – then start all services!!!

Directory service - dsadata folders
Information store - mdbdata folders

Bottom line, either the org and site name are EXACTLY the same, or there is a difference in service pack for Exchange or the O.S. -

How are you restoring, with copies of the databases, or an online restore from tape?

Hope this helps!
roadamsAuthor Commented:
Yes ... the information helped - thanks.  I had to install SP4 for exchange 5.5 to make everything the same as before.

The files were restored from a backup tape to the current server and then copied from there to the second server I setup to open the old IS.

I also ran a utility in the exchsrvr\bin folder with "- patch" before I started the information store service.

I was finally able to start the information store service and access all the mailboxes except one.  There are two listings for it under mailbox resources, both with the same name.  One is listed with 0 items and the other is listed with 1,489 items (sounds like the one with all the old messages).  Everytime I try to access the properties for that mailbox I receive a message that says "this object cannot be found in the directory."  I can open the mailbox with 0 items in it.

I tried going to a client computer and entering the mailbox name to see if I could get to the messages, copy them to a personal folder and then copy them back to the new server.  But when I opened the mailbox there was nothing there - just like it says under mailbox resources - 0 items.

So what seems to be the problem now?  How can I delete the mailbox I don't need and get the messages out of the second one listed with 1489 items?
Piece of cake!!!!!!!!

1. Highlight mailbox resources (obviously the one that has the mailboxes listed there)
2. Click on View\Columns
3. In the columns dialog box, make sure that "Full Mailbox Directory Name" is on the right hand side. If it is not, then add it to be on the right hand side.
4. Apply and ok out of the dialog
5. Refresh the mailbox resources / you should now see the full mailbox name including /o=blah/ou=blahblah/cn=recipients/cn"directoryname of the mailbox"
Pay close attention to the two that seem to be the same here... they should have seperate Directory names!
One might be /cn=joeb ; the other might be /cn=joebB

Look at the Directory Name of the object that has 1489 items associated to it-

6. Create a new mailbox, during the mailbox creation,(before you have completed recreating it) switch to the Advanced tab of the mailbox, and make sure that the directory name listed here, matches EXACTLY what you see for the Directory Name of the account listed in Mailbox resources that has 1489 items.

Once you have created a mailbox that has the EXACT directory name as the one you want to retrieve in mailboxes resources, it should pick right up and allow you to connect to the mailbox. Obviously you will want to give this one, and the other that seem to be the same different alias and display to help you know the difference.

This should do the trick....

Let me know if you need any clarifications!
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