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Help-------- have you seen....

i want to find whether some one has done this type of project.........

see it

if you have seen such a project...(or some thing bit similar/or which have similar part) please send me more info:

2 Solutions
Not sure if this is what you are looking for ??

Terrain and Landscape Generation Software



Digital Landscape Modeling and Visualization: A Research Agenda

If you can be a bit more specific perhaps I can help more.


Any Update ??
AparajithaAuthor Commented:
let me discribe more

i am doing a project where,

i try to convert 2d contour maps in to maya 3d model
and then built a easy interface to maya for easy VR and Rendering ect..

main part is feature extraction from 2d contour maps
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AparajithaAuthor Commented:
don't you want 500 points
In 3dsMax, you could use the 2d Contour maps to generate the height based on the colour.  This is how a lot of games used to do it too.  Just have 2 maps - one for height, one for colour.  

You must be able to do this in Maya - but I skipped maya and went straight to softimage.  Principle is the same though...

The height map is shades of grey - white is highest, black is flat.  You may need to play with a paint package to sort this out.  Just use this as a bump map and multiply it in Maya to get the variance of height you need.  Use the colour map as the main texture and there you go..

If the contour maps are from satelite images - you can get the height maps to go with them already done.  This is a really sweet way to do it - as the images are very detailed and perfectly contoured.

As far as the VR stuff goes - do you mean conversion to somthing like VRML? if so there's plenty of plugins to do that..

Does that answer your question? hope so!


Why don't you use Blender 3D ?

It is very nice app for many platforms .
It is based on python scripting and is one of the best .
You can do games with it without making you own game engine or something like that .

So what ever the pourpouse of your project is just learn Python and Blender 3D and you will gain a big advantage .

Regards !
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