I want to write a midi keyboard program in VB. Basically, I want my program works as an electronic piano. My problem is how to control your sound card, so that it can generate different sound effect. Would DirectSound be an option? or is there any Active X control or Dll can do that? Help me!!!!!!!!
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glass_cookieConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Here's a small example for you over the net:

Description: Piano is a Visual basic Piano (Duh) included with 127 Tunes. Of Course You Can only use your mouse to play the piano, but if anyone wants to add keyboard playing support they can. if you like this code please vote for me!

Well, you would have to use the keydown or keypress event to trap keyboard keys so as to play the sounds : )

Hope this helps!

That's ti!

glass cookie : )
Hi chefPeter

I made a simple program roughly the same as what you are trying to do.  I plugged my brothers yamaha keyboard into my soundcard and recorded a number of .wav files and then just called them when a key was pressed.  Altogether I think that the program was about 2.5mb in size.
chefPeterAuthor Commented:
Hi hes,

You program is very impressive. However, I don't understand the technical you used in the application.
Can you give me some more explaination? Such as what is midi mapper. What does all those API functions do? Thanks.
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