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I'm using Powerbuilder 5.  I found a way to make sure the number is always entered with ###-##-#### using the edit mask.  I also found a way to default the value to 000-00-0000.  Now I need a way to validate the field to make sure it doesn't have spaces.  The #'s make sure it's numeric but it still lets the user enter spaces.  How can I make sure my #'s are numeric within the mask?
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levrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
put in Validation Expression
it will catch the situation with spaces.

Is it in datawindow control or window control.

If it is a datawindow control then it must be number field and you will get no spaces.
If it is a window control then it will accept only numeric values if you will give in format ###-##-####.

Please let me know where you have this control in datawindow or window.

If in datawindow then must be number field.

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u have to select string in edit mast and then u have to validate the user input by writing script. otherwise i don't think it is possible using number editmask.


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