Minimun text length of wrapped text

I have written a method to autosize a datagrid but the problem is getting the minimun width of the caption header when the header has more than 1 line and when there are more words than lines.  If I just autosize by the data you may not see all the header.  If I the the length of the header I get the whole string which makes the column much too wide.

Ex caption = "Receive UnCor Rdg"
lines in the header = 2
the shortest possible length is 9 characters
1st line = Receive      
2nd line = UnCor Rdg

I want to find out the minimum width required to display the text.  This is just 1 example.  
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pierrecampeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
'thank you the trip was very tiring, but wonderfull
'i still have the feeling that we do not understand each other 100%
'so here is an example of what i mean:
'have a form with a label and a datagrid

Private Sub Form_Load()
    DataGrid1.HeadLines = 2
    DataGrid1.Splits(0).Columns(0).WrapText = True
    Label1.Appearance = 0 'flat
    Label1.AutoSize = True
    Label1.BorderStyle = 1 'fixed single
    Label1.WordWrap = True
    Label1.Visible = False
    a$ = "azezae WDFF ghhkjkjh tyuytuytut io at fghgff QJ Wjeryztere"
    DataGrid1.Columns(0).Caption = a$
    Label1.Caption = a$
    Do While Label1.Height > DataGrid1.RowHeight * 2
       Label1.Width = Label1.Width + Screen.TwipsPerPixelX
    DataGrid1.Columns(0).Width = Label1.Width + TextWidth("i")
End Sub
use a label (maybe visible=false)
put your text in this label and the label will scale to the smallest possible width
so now set that column.width  to label.width

or you could use the drawtext api
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jdesharnaisAuthor Commented:
You have a good idea but the label control does not resize to the smallest possible.  It resizes to display all the caption.  It would also be hard to make it the right heigth for multiple lines.  

I would to use this sub to resize any grid.  I cuurently have 10 in my projects
ok i misinterpreted your question
however the answer is almost the same: use a label
if i understand right you want the text to be a certain hight ie 2 rowheights
if so just put your text i the label and step by step incraese int width until its height is the desired hight and then you'l have your minimum width
an example to show more clearly:
have a form with a label,autosize=true,wordwrap=true

Private Sub Command1_Click()
    wantedheight = 600
    Do Until Label1.Height < wantedheight
       Label1.Width = Label1.Width + Screen.TwipsPerPixelX
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()
    Label1 = "anything allways yes no never"
End Sub

jdesharnaisAuthor Commented:
pierrecampe I tried your idea but it is hard to determine the rigth height the label needs to be.
I asked the question because I thougth someone may have a sub written already.  I guess wrong.

I wrote my own routine
this breaks up a string into lines.  the calling function gets a array of lines.

Sub minwidth(txt As String, lines As Integer, ByRef a() As String)
Dim b() As String
Dim liLength As Long
Dim lilines As Integer
Dim x As Integer
ReDim b(lines - 1)
 a = Split(txt, " ")
    liLength = Round(((Len(txt) - lines) / lines) - 0.5)
  For x = 0 To UBound(a)
    If Len(a(x)) > liLength Then
      liLength = Len(a(x))
    End If
  Next x
Erase b
ReDim b(lines - 1)
lilines = 0
b(lilines) = a(0)

  For x = 1 To UBound(a)
    If Len(a(x)) + Len(b(lilines)) + 1 <= liLength Then '+1 for space
        b(lilines) = b(lilines) + " " + a(x)
    lilines = lilines + 1
      If lilines > lines - 1 Then
        Exit For
        liLength = liLength + 1
        b(lilines) = a(x)
      End If
    End If
  Next x
  Loop Until lilines <= lines - 1
End Sub

Not sure what to do when you answer your own question
if this is supposed to be a joke it is one of EXTREME bad taste
>>it is hard to determine the rigth height the label needs to be
are you joking ?
if you need a header of 2 lines height just give a autosize label the same font as your grid and put a 2 word sentence in it and it WILL autosize to the correct height and then you WILL know the needed height
and then put your real text in it and make it wider until it is the right height
>>Not sure what to do when you answer your own question
well you did NOT answer your own question
the LEN function does NOT give you the lenght of text
all it does is give you the number of characters
But as it seems clear to me you dont want to give points just ask community support to reduce this questions points to 0 and move it to the paq

Oh yes i'm leaving today on a 7 day wilderness trip so i wont be able to see any comments for 7 day
jdesharnaisAuthor Commented:
I do not mind giving you the answer, points is not an issue.  You did give me an idea with the label.  I increase the length of the line until it fits.  You are right I should of user the .textwidth method.  I do use the method in the calling routine.  Using the len function is not the most accurate but it is very close and when it doesn't fit you will not need loop many times to find the correct length.  with the .textwidth you may have to loop from several hundered to serveral thousand.  If you increase by larger multiples you are no further ahead.  

Hope you had a good wilderness trip.

jdesharnaisAuthor Commented:
Sorry for not replying earlier, I have been away.
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