Global Address Groups

I have an Exchange2k on a Win2k network. We already have some groups set up in AD for security purposes.

I desire to make some Global Address Groups that will show up in Outlook for the users.

I think I have 2 questions:

1.) How do I take an existing security group and make it a Global Address Group?

2.) How do I create a Global Address Group with people that are not in the same security group?
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Answer to question number 1.

1. Open Exchange system manager
2. Expand the organization name, expand recipients
3. You will see All address lists - Here you can right click on All address lists and select New\Address List
4. In the dialog box, give the Address List a name and select the "Filter" button. Here you can setup a filter to only add people who are a member of certain groups. Or basically create an address list based on group membership.

Answer to question number 2.
I think once you have seen the three options in the Filtering, "General" "Storage" and "Advanced", you will see that you can get pretty specific in filtering to create address lists with members that you want.

NOTE: you cannot create an address list based upon what Organizational Unit a user is in because the filtering option uses attributes to filter, OU membership is not an attribute. A workaround to create OU based Address list is to create a group for each OU, then make all users in the OU a member of the group for that OU, and create an address list and filter by groups. (In this case you would create a group called Groupa for an OU called OUA - add all users in OUA to be a member of GroupA, then create an address list and filter by group membership (in this case groupa membership) this would create an address list for all users in OUA)

Hope this helps!!
DLockwoodAuthor Commented:
OK - That worked beautifully!


I liked it so much that I thought I would get rid of the uneccesary stuff that shows up in the Outlook address list. So, in Exchange I deleted the All Users, All Groups, All COntacts, and Public Folders entries listed under All Address Lists.

Now of course, my new group called TFC doesn't show up any more. What do I do now?

I double the points offered since I have added another question, and then I added 50 more points for my own stupidity.

What do you mean it doesn't show up anymore?
It doesn't show in Outlook?
Or it was removed from the Exchange system manager?
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I did the same thing once and I can quite remember how I fixed it but this might work for you.  Go into exchange system manager and go to the all address list and right click.  Click new and then address list.  In the address list name type "All Contacts" click the filter rules and uncheck everything on the general tab but contacts.  Click ok and click finish.  Do this for all groups, all users, and public folders.

DLockwoodAuthor Commented:
Thanks Tom, but that was the first thing that I tried and it didn't fix it.

Ever since I deleted those default address lists, my new address lists won't show up in Outlook. I create it just like I did for the first one, but now they don't show up in the address list in outlook.

Any ideas?
Did you delete the default address list also?
DLockwoodAuthor Commented:
If you mean the Category Header under which the others were listed, the answer is No. If there was one called "Default Address List" that was listed under the Category Header, then the answer is Yes. I am not sitting at the server but I will try and tell you what is there.
There are 2 little Address Book Icons. 1 is called Address Lists and 1 is called Global Address Lists. I have not touched the one called Global Address Lists. Under the one called Address Lists, I deleted everything and have now recreated the following. Default Contacts, Default Users, Default Groups, and Public Folders.
DLockwoodAuthor Commented:

You answered my posted question with excellent information. I should not have added another question to this one, but should have posted it as another question. Sorry about that and that for your help.

I accidently deleted the default "All Address Lists, groups etc",  from recipients - anyone know how to get them back?? Desparate
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