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Clean up XP's "services"?

hardlock asked
I just got XP on a laptop and found the msinfo32 services section.  How can I possibly know what all that stuff does and what I can dump?  I want a lean, mean, clean machine without all the junk MS "thinks" I want!
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Well you can try this

Start > Run services.msc

Most of the services have a short note about what it does in the "Description" column. Read the description and if you absolutely think you understand what it is then you can change its status by double clicking on the service.

Also note not all the services are just MS services. Many applications run services as well such as Firewalls and antivirus scanners, some hardware dirvers, etc. So if you are not sure what the service is leave it alone. I would also suggest changing only a few at a time and reboot and use your system for a little while to make sure there is no ill affect from making the changes.

The Crazy One

One service that can get in the way of performance is the Indexing service. If you don't want or sure you won't find this service benificial than go ahead and set the status to manual. Providing of course the service is installed and running.


Thanks, I had forgotten how I accessed it before.   Think from a different section like msinfo, but it's not in there now for some reason.

Still, if I knew what I had to have to run a stripped system, it would be easier to know what to turn off.  That's a LONG list....

Yeah the list is a bit long but if you notice I bet you will see some are just listed and not running.


Opps, I better stop messing with it.  Now I get a message saying that "the system has recovered from a serious error.  Keeps coming up every time I boot now......grrrrrr.
I found this website to be immensely useful when it comes to disabling unecessary services:


If you read everything on this page carefully, you should be able to save yourself ~30-60mb memory (depending of course on what you decide to disable).


Thanks all!  That last link was what I was looking for.  Great stuff there!

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