How to make a Product catalog?

  I want to make a product catalog
Is there any tutorial take me (step by step) to this target  
i have a general knowledge about flash and actionscript but i need a guide or sample to learn from it

can u help?
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ZefferConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is one at...

It is a mongrel page to load due to the adverts associated
with the site..but persevere and you will get a step
by step tutorial.
It is in Flash 4 but can be adapted to 5 and MX.

mbauomiAuthor Commented:
for the   target "product catalog only" not thousands of tutorials

mbauomiAuthor Commented:
Is there downloadable samples for product catalogs so i can see what others do and how they make it?
If you mean as a .fla file..don't know any.
The site I posted above tells you EXACTLY how 'they'
do it...and how 'they' make it...step by step.
It is long and detailed though and will require some EFFORT on your part.
mbauomiAuthor Commented:
if u have any samples    please inform me

thanks for help
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