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Need help with SOYO SYK7VTA Pro installation

I am having problems getting the subject M/B up and running.  I am trying to match up two sets of wires that feed from the  case to pins on the M/B.
~There are two USB ports on the front of the new case I have purchased.  I have been able to match up the “data +” and “data –”and the “ground” terminals to pins so labeled on the M/B.  There are 3 vacant pins on the M/B, labeled “+5V”, “+5V” and “ground”.  There are 3 unconnected wires coming from the case labeled “VCC1”, “VCC2” and “shield”.  May I assume that “VCC1” connects to one “5V” pin and “VCC2” to the other?  And “may I assume that “Shield” wire from case attaches to the last vacant pin, which is “ground”?
~There are plug-ins on the front of the case for the Mic and earphones.  Where on the M/B do I attach the wires labeled “ear r”, “ear l”,  “mic data”, “mic gnd” and “gnd?

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It does sound like that case maker had a different board in mind when they made the connections.

Yes you would be correct in your analysis of how to complete the usb connection.  It certainly would have been easier if they had used the more standard 2 5 pin female plugs that just slip onto usb3 and usb4.

As to the sound and mike wires, do this have similar type connectors that are looking for a riser pin from the board? Based on your description I am imagining such. And I don't see anywhere on that board layout for them to be used.  Thats not to say they aren't really there just that the "official" diagram doesn't show them as such.  Now sometimes if you look around, especially by the sound chip or back by the rear panel you may find the type of connectors your looking for and they really should be marked, soyo boards are pretty good at that.

Otherwise maybe there is a sound card they are intended for that I just haven't run into just yet.  

Hope that has been of some help.  Maybe have to take a trip back the store and ask them, surely someone else has wondered.

rdavesAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the input.
I purchased the M/B from TigerDirect.  They provided a number on the invoice to call for technical support.  I shall call this number next week after the holiday is over.
I looked all over this board for pins that I might attach the mic and earphone terminals to, however, as you know, there is nothing intuitively marked on this board.  Methinks I am out of luck for earphone and mic access on the front of the case if I continue to use this board.
By the way, where did you go to look at a schematic of this board?  
I looked at the Soyo website:


click on the manual button and down at the bottom of the next page is where you can download the manual.  It is in pdf format so it would be best to save to disk and read it from the harddrive.

If you got a cd with this setup you might also look on the CD, might also wander around the cd for text or html files that might give more instructions on the case configuration and expected hookup points.

There can be a lot of information on those CDs but some are not layed out well to find it all.

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