Linux login password???

Hi, I just bought a new computer and installed linux redhat onto it. And now every time linx boots it asks for a login + password. But I didn't gave it my login and password during the installation? Only a password for my root.
Is there a way I can get around this, or reinstall the whole bunch again. Cause I don't get it anymore. And I don't have any experience with linux, so I'm clueless.

I hope somebody knows cause it's my new comp and I haven't used it at all.
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jgarrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To clarify,
USERNAME:       root
PASSWORD:      <whatever your password for root is>

it's the password you entered for root (if you have not installed additional users)
Bacardi_AsAuthor Commented:
W00t now that works :D

thnx mate
Any time. That's about the only linux question that I CAN answer ;-)
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