Color Matching on Dual Monitors

I have a dual-monitor system, both monitors are the Sony GDM-F520 21". My video card is Nvidia Quadro4 900 XGL (made by PNY) which is an AGP card with two DVI output, but can be converted to analog (this is how I connected to the monitors).

The problem is the color on the two monitors are different, one is cooler than the other, and no matter how I change the color temp. and gamma, brightness/contrast or RGB values, I can't seem to find a way to match these two monitors. So the question is how to match the colors on the two monitors?

These monitors are $1600 each, I'm sure It's not the monitors causing the problem, since if I switch the connections, nothing changes (color stay the same). I had other Nvidia card which had same problem, so it's the output of the video card making them different. It's a problem, but the card is not bad (so unless there isn't a way to fix this I'm not returning it). I'm going to call the tech. support, but if anyone can save me some time, you will get an A.
If you tell me some software can do this etc. please make sure it works. At least you should have successfully solved this kind of problem before. Thanks.
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weedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That's a problem with windows. Its system-wide color management is abysmal. You should be able to assign a profile to your entire system, not just apps. That's just the way it is for a win system.
Usually within brands and models the color is somewhat similar. However, no two monitors will ever be exactly the same. There are always, if even slight, differences in color. Sounds like you just happened to get two that were farther apart than you'd like.

Something to think about though is how the profiles are being assigned. Are you in windows? Is it only assigning a profile to one monitor rather than both? Are you on a Mac? Have you set the same profile for both monitors? Have you set up ColorSync properly and calibrated both?
imagafxAuthor Commented:
I am on a Windows 2000 system. I agree that even with the same brand/model, color could be different. I'm asking a way to modify them so they would be the same. I can change gamma, brightness/contrast for each monitors, but they still look different after I try some calibration software such as adobe gamma. As far as I can tell, the monitor profile only affacts the primary monitor.
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Ok so the first problem youve got is that windows is only assigning a profile to the primary monitor and is ignoring the secondary. That's going to limit you to begin with. I'd be willing to bet that if you could assign a profile to both you'd be alot closer to your goal. Check all necessary control panels for any method of assing a profile to both. If it doesnt exist, you may be out of luck.
imagafxAuthor Commented:
I've looked everywhere I can, and there is only one place in display properties to set ICC profile (color management tab). I don't see it many any difference anyway (unless the application uses ICC), but it's the over all color, windows color, web page color etc. differ on the two monitors.

This doesn't help, but I have the same problem at work...  In fact the monitors are not only the same model, but their serial numbers are right next to each other...  Like one is a0938091294098 and the other is a0938091294099.  I also have a problem with the frequency...  One runs at 85hz, the other at 75hz.  But weed is right, you'll never find 2 monitors that look the same, and you won't be able to tweak them to be exactly the same.
I had the same problem on my twin monitor system wich was made more difficult to resolve as I switch between mac and pc using the same pair of monitors.
On the mac I have two video cards and therefore each can use the profile created for that specific monitor.( each card has it's own control)
On the pc  I use a dual head card but I am able to first select the monitor in display properties/setting, then select advanced and finally colour management. Selecting the second monitor allows sifferent settings to be made for that monitor. Each video driver will have it's own set of controls and some do not offer independant adjustment so this may not be a possibility on your sysem. Nevertheless, its worth a look.
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