System running low on resources


When I srat my PC and try to open a Word document from Windows Explorer the screen freezes and after a while I get the message "System running dangerously low on resources". WHy is it running low on resources when there is nothing else open?. I have 128 MB of RAM.

Have any experts any suggestions?

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there is no definite answer but this will explain resources to you and ways to avoid that happenening
That's a nice article you found, sorgie.  Offshoreac, are you sure "there is nothing else open"?  Look in your System Tray area; are there a number of icons next to the system clock?  Each one of those represents some sort of program running, which was started at bootup.  You might have an antivirus program running, an Adaptec CD drive wizard, AOL Instant Messenger (or some other company's equivalent, like MSN Messenger), all sorts of things.  I would suggest you go to the Run dialog off the Start Menu, type in MSCONFIG, click OK, go to the Startup tab, and uncheck just about everything but Explorer and Systray, reboot, start up the Resource meter that sorgie's article talks about, then re-enable the other startup programs one at a time, and keep checking the resource use.  Often the system tray program icons can be right clicked, giving you an option to exit them.  Check to see that the resources used by the program are returned to the system.  If they don't, then you have a buggy program that has a "resource leak" when it closes.  Here is another set of articles on the subject of resources that you might find useful to read, a four-part series by Fred Langa, that appeared in the now defunct
offshoreacAuthor Commented:
Thanks will check these out.

Something strange though if I open the Word document through Word everything is OK. Is Explorer the culprit?
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could be just not having explorer opened is enough to open word and the doc.
offshoreacAuthor Commented:
Good point sorgie
See if this helps;en-us;Q307814
WD: Error Message: System Is Dangerously Low on Resources (Q307814)

The information in this article applies to:

Microsoft Word 2002
Microsoft Word 2000
Microsoft Word 97 for Windows

This behavior can occur if the default Word template ( is damaged.
Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (Me) or Microsoft Windows 2000 :
Quit all instances of Word. If you use Word as your e-mail editor, be sure to quit Microsoft Outlook also.

Click Start , point to Search , and then click For Files or Folders .

In the Search for Files or Folder Named box, type .

In the Look in box, select your local hard disk (or an alternate user template location if you are running Word from a network server).

Click Search Now to search for the file.

For each occurrence of that appears in the Search Results window, right-click the file, and then click Rename on the menu that appears. Type a new name for the file, such as or , and then press ENTER.

Close the Search Results window. Restart Word normally (without using the /a switch).

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offshoreacAuthor Commented:
thanks CrazyOne, I will try this and let you know how it works
offshoreac do you need any more assistance.
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