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I'm creating a program that runs on a network under Win95-XP.
The program interacts with my service on the other computers on the network. Some commands must only be send if the computer running the program has Admin rights.
This scheme is fine under NT as far as I see it, please comment if not.

But what do I do under 9X, AFAIK there is really no such thing as user-rights.

Any ideas, is something like this possible under a single user system?
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You're right, there is nothing like NTs user priviliges under Win9X - everyone has the same rights. Nevertheless you can set up different users on a Win9X machine and certainly one of them can be named "Administratior" or "root" or whatever you want.
This won't give these user more priviliges than the average user has but you can assign passwords to these accounts.
So far for the good news. The bad news is that everyone can create or delete the accounts of other users. BTW: a usner account under Win9X is only for managing different desktops for different users.

Hope this helps
sorentopAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info, though it didn't give me any new information  :(
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Well, what do you want us to say; you do alreay know that every user in Windows 9X is kind of an administrator. So, I guess that you should always display the admin options, or you could put a "advanced user / simple user" switch (or any variation of it) to allow the user to choose between the different modes.

Of course, if the Windows 9X users log onto a NT domain, you may be able to gather more information about their group membership on the domain, but that doesn't really match the description of what you're doing (admin on the local machine).
So it looks like using Win9X users is not appropriate for your problem. Other solutions may be:
1. Store username / password in a database on the computer running your service and provide a login procedure
2. Use "AvonWyss" suggestion to verify users when they log into a WinNT domain
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