alt or tooltip for each option of the select box

  Is there any property for select tag, which we can use as  tooltip or alt property or title property(in case of text area)?
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ahosangFinance Systems DeveloperCommented:
The select tags and option tags do indeed have the title attribute. The problem is that there not supported by Internet Explorer and Netscape 4.x, so you would have to use messy scripting for that(>90% of the browser market). But when you find such a script, you don't have to use such scripting for Netscape 6+.

Simply use:
<select title="This is a toolptip">

That works as it should.
The SELECT tags currently do not support the title attribute (or alt), but what you are asking for might be done with a script.   But the short answer to your question: "Is there any property for ..." is no.
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