Applets: Difference between IE and Netscape?

Is there a different event handling (mouse and keyboard) in MS IE and Netscape?
When working with Netscape everything is fine:

public class myClass extends Applet implements MouseMotionListener, MouseListener, KeyListener, ActionListener

Doing this under IE does only fire the mouseDrag event.
Do I have to work with the old Java 1.0 event handling modell to get my applet up and running?
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heyhey_Connect With a Mentor Commented:
IE native VM is Java 1.1 compatible. you have to either write 1.1 compatible code or use Java plug-in.
what exactly is the problem ?

post the full code.
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max-hbAuthor Commented:
Further investigation using the java-console of MS IE shows me

java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: java/awt/Rectangle: method getX()D not found

So obviously not the eventhandling is the problem but my usage of rectangles. I use them to implement a drag and drop operation and to find intersections of different (movable) rectangular objects.
In the Java 2 API documentation I found this method and it's happily accepted by the javac compiler and my Netscape Navigator.
Only IE is having problems - why?

max-hbAuthor Commented:
O.K., where can I find documentation about Java 1.1 and rectangles, so I can modify my code? Hope Rectangle wasn't introduced after 1.1 ;-)
max-hbAuthor Commented:
Thx to heyhey I could fix the problem. Points will be granted right now.
For those interested: The old Java 1.1 API specification can be found at:
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