cdonts example


I have a database of registered users who I want to send an email to.

Can someone show me a script using CDONTS that will do the following:
Drag the names and email addresses from the database and send each an email with the subject and message taken from a form on the previous page.

Cheers all
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Heres one I use;

Response.CacheControl = "no-cache"
Response.AddHeader "Pragma", "no-cache"
Response.Expires= Now()

position = Session("position")

If position <> "" Then
     thePosition = "and is interested in the <b>"&Session("position")&"</b> position."
     thePosition = ". "
End If

fName = Request("firstName")
lName = Request("lastName")
eMail = Request("email")
fileName = Request("filename")

' Send a reply email to the user.

strFrom = "xxxxxxxxxxxx <>"
strSubject = "Your Resume has been received"

' Create the message body for the user to receive
strBody = "<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC ""-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"">" & vbCrLf _
          & "<html>" & vbCrLf _
          & "<head>" & vbCrLf _
          & " <title>Resume received</title>" & vbCrLf _
          & " <meta http-equiv=Content-Type content=""text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"">" & vbCrLf _
          & "</head>" & vbCrLf _
          & "<body bgcolor=""#4040ff"" style=""font-family : Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; color : #ffffff;"">" & vbCrLf _
          & " <h3>We have received your Resume</h3><p>" & vbCrLf _
          & " <p>" & vbCrLf _
          & "  Thank you for your interest in employment opportunities with xxxxxxxxxx. " & vbCrLf _
          & "  <p>Our recruiters will review your qualifications and if they match our job requirements a recruiter will contact you. " & vbCrLf _
          & "  <p>We wish you the best of luck with your employment search." & vbCrLf _
          & "  <p>Sincerely,<br>Human Resources, " & vbCrLf _
          & "</body>" & vbCrLf _
          & "</html>" & vbCrLf
Set objCDO = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")
objCDO.From    = strFrom
objCDO.To      = eMail
objCDO.Subject = strSubject
objCDO.Body    = strBody

objCDO.BodyFormat = 1 ' CdoBodyFormatHTML
objCDO.MailFormat = 0 ' CdoMailFormatMime
'objCDO.Cc  = ";"
'objCDO.Bcc = ""

' Send the message!
Set objCDO = Nothing

Pretty simple really... ;-)
I haven't tested this, but it should put you on the right path:

strSubject = request.form("strSubject")
memMessage = request.form("memMessage")

if not IsObject("ojbConnectionMailProcess") then
     set ojbConnectionMailProcess=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
     strConnectString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;User ID=Admin;"_
                    + " Data Source= " & strDataPath & ";"_
                    + " Mode=Share Deny None;User Id=admin;PASSWORD=;"

     ojbConnectionMailProcess.ConnectionTimeout = 15
     ojbConnectionMailProcess.CommandTimeout =  10
     if ojbConnectionMailProcess.state = 0 then
          ojbConnectionMailProcess.Open strConnectString
     end if
end if

if not isObject("objRSStaff") then
     set objRSStaff=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.RecordSet")
end if
strSQL = "SELECT * FROM lu_staff WHERE " & SomeCondition
objRSStaff.Open strSQL,ojbConnectionMailProcess,adOpenKeyset,adLockOptimistic

dim objMail
set objMail = CreateObject("CDONTS.Newmail")

do until objRSStaff.eof

     objMail.From =
     objMail.To = objRSStaff("strEmailAddress")  
     objMail.Subject = strSubject
     objMail.Body = memMessage

Set objMail = Nothing
I forgot to close the recordset and connection objects and then set them to nothing.

Fritz the Blank
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Forgot the dB portion;

Set conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
conn.ConnectionTimeout = 15
conn.CommandTimeout =  10
conn.Open "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" & "Data Source=" & Server.MapPath("/data/jobs.mdb")
Set rs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")

sql = "SELECT * FROM contacts"
Set rs = conn.Execute(sql)

On Error Resume Next
Do While Not rs.EOF

' All the dB values

fNameStr = rs("First")
strTo = rs("Email")
strFrom = rs("Email")

' Now process the email message and form data
' From above...

' Loop
Response.Write "First Name: " &fName&", Message sent to " & strTo & "<br>"


' Clean up
Set rs = Nothing
Set conn = Nothign

Here are 2 form----banner.asp and postbanneremail.asp.
You need only execute the banner.asp....
It can run on window2000 and hope it can help you....

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="../scripts/style.css" type="text/css">
<meta name="Author" content="s.j.">

<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF" text="#000000" topmargin="0">
<table width="408" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
    <td width="2">&nbsp;</td>
    <td width="404">
      <table width="404" border="0" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1">
          <td bgcolor="#66CCFF">
            <table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" bgcolor="#CCCCCC" bordercolor="#CCCCCC">
              <form name="form3" method="post" action="postbanneremail.asp">
                <tr bgcolor="#33CCFF">
                  <td width="1%" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">&nbsp;</td>
                  <td colspan="3" bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><font face="Verdana" size="-3" color="#FF0000">*<b>
                    <font size="-4">Require Information</font></b></font></td>
                <tr bgcolor="#33CCFF">
                  <td width="1%" bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><font face="Verdana" size="-3" color="#FF0000">*</font></td>
                  <td width="49%" bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><b><font face="Verdana" size="-2">Contact
                    Person :</font></b></td>
                  <td colspan="2" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
                    <input type="text" name="contactperson">
                <tr bgcolor="#33CCFF">
                  <td width="1%" bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><font face="Verdana" size="-3" color="#FF0000">*</font></td>
                  <td width="49%" bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><b><font face="Verdana" size="-2">Address
                  <td colspan="2" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
                    <textarea name="address"></textarea>
                <tr bgcolor="#33CCFF">
                  <td width="1%" bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><font face="Verdana" size="-3" color="#FF0000">*</font></td>
                  <td width="49%" bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><b><font face="Verdana" size="-2">City
                  <td colspan="2" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
                    <input type="text" name="city">
                <tr bgcolor="#33CCFF">
                  <td width="1%" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">&nbsp;</td>
                  <td width="49%" bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><b><font face="Verdana" size="-2">Post
                    Code :</font></b></td>
                  <td colspan="2" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
                    <input type="text" name="postcode">
                <tr bgcolor="#33CCFF">
                  <td width="1%" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">&nbsp;</td>
                  <td width="49%" bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><b><font face="Verdana" size="-2">State
                  <td colspan="2" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
                    <select name=state>
                      <option value="" selected>Select a State </option>
                      <option value="">----------------------------- </option>
                      <option value="Johor ">Johor </option>
                      <option value="Kedah ">Kedah </option>
                      <option value="Kelantan ">Kelantan </option>
                      <option value="Kuala Lumpur ">Kuala Lumpur </option>
                      <option value="Melaka ">Melaka </option>
                      <option value="Negeri Sembilan ">Negeri Sembilan </option>
                      <option value="Pahang ">Pahang </option>
                      <option value="Perak ">Perak </option>
                      <option value="Perlis ">Perlis </option>
                      <option value="Pulau Pinang ">Pulau Pinang </option>
                      <option value="Sabah ">Sabah </option>
                      <option value="Sarawak ">Sarawak </option>
                      <option value="Selangor ">Selangor </option>
                      <option value="Terengganu ">Terengganu </option>
                      <option value="Others">Others</option>
                <tr bgcolor="#33CCFF">
                  <td width="1%" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">&nbsp;</td>
                  <td width="49%" bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><b><font face="Verdana" size="-2">Country
                  <td colspan="2" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
                    <select name=country>
                      <option value="">Select a Country </option>
                      <option value="">----------------------------- </option>
                      <option value="Afghanistan ">Afghanistan </option>
                      <option value="Albania ">Albania </option>
                      <option value="Algeria ">Algeria </option>
                      <option value="American Samoa ">American Samoa </option>
                      <option value="Andorra ">Andorra </option>
                      <option value="Angola ">Angola </option>
                      <option value="Anguilla ">Anguilla </option>
                      <option value="Antarctica ">Antarctica </option>
                      <option value="Antigua and Barbuda ">Antigua and Barbuda
                      <option value="Argentina ">Argentina </option>
                      <option value="Armenia ">Armenia </option>
                      <option value="Aruba ">Aruba </option>
                      <option value="Australia ">Australia </option>
                      <option value="Austria ">Austria </option>
                      <option value="Azerbaijan ">Azerbaijan </option>
                      <option value="Bahamas ">Bahamas </option>
                      <option value="Bahrain ">Bahrain </option>
                      <option value="Bangladesh ">Bangladesh </option>
                      <option value="Barbados ">Barbados </option>
                      <option value="Belarus ">Belarus </option>
                      <option value="Belgium ">Belgium </option>
                      <option value="Belize ">Belize </option>
                      <option value="Benin ">Benin </option>
                      <option value="Bermuda ">Bermuda </option>
                      <option value="Bhutan ">Bhutan </option>
                      <option value="Bolivia ">Bolivia </option>
                      <option value="Bosnia and Herzegovina ">Bosnia and Herzegovina
                      <option value="Botswana ">Botswana </option>
                      <option value="Bouvet Island ">Bouvet Island </option>
                      <option value="Brazil ">Brazil </option>
                      <option value="British Indian Ocean Territory ">British
                      Indian Ocean Territory </option>
                      <option value="Brunei Darussalam ">Brunei Darussalam </option>
                      <option value="Bulgaria ">Bulgaria </option>
                      <option value="Burkina Faso ">Burkina Faso </option>
                      <option value="Burundi ">Burundi </option>
                      <option value="Cambodia ">Cambodia </option>
                      <option value="Cameroon ">Cameroon </option>
                      <option value="Canada ">Canada </option>
                      <option value="Cape Verde ">Cape Verde </option>
                      <option value="Cayman Islands ">Cayman Islands </option>
                      <option value="Central African Republic ">Central African
                      Republic </option>
                      <option value="Chad ">Chad </option>
                      <option value="Chile ">Chile </option>
                      <option value="China ">China </option>
                      <option value="Christmas Island ">Christmas Island </option>
                      <option value="Cocos [Keeling] Islands ">Cocos [Keeling]
                      Islands </option>
                      <option value="Colombia ">Colombia </option>
                      <option value="Comoros ">Comoros </option>
                      <option value="Congo ">Congo </option>
                      <option value="Cook Islands ">Cook Islands </option>
                      <option value="Costa Rica ">Costa Rica </option>
                      <option value="Cote D'Ivoire [Ivory Coast] ">Cote D'Ivoire
                      [Ivory Coast] </option>
                      <option value="Croatia [Hrvatska] ">Croatia [Hrvatska] </option>
                      <option value="Cuba ">Cuba </option>
                      <option value="Cyprus ">Cyprus </option>
                      <option value="Czech Republic ">Czech Republic </option>
                      <option value="Denmark ">Denmark </option>
                      <option value="Djibouti ">Djibouti </option>
                      <option value="Dominica ">Dominica </option>
                      <option value="Dominican Republic ">Dominican Republic </option>
                      <option value="East Timor ">East Timor </option>
                      <option value="Ecuador ">Ecuador </option>
                      <option value="Egypt ">Egypt </option>
                      <option value="El Salvador ">El Salvador </option>
                      <option value="Equatorial Guinea ">Equatorial Guinea </option>
                      <option value="Eritrea ">Eritrea </option>
                      <option value="Estonia ">Estonia </option>
                      <option value="Ethiopia ">Ethiopia </option>
                      <option value="Falkland Islands [Malvinas] ">Falkland Islands
                      [Malvinas] </option>
                      <option value="Faroe Islands ">Faroe Islands </option>
                      <option value="Fiji ">Fiji </option>
                      <option value="Finland ">Finland </option>
                      <option value="France ">France </option>
                      <option value="France, Metropolitan ">France, Metropolitan
                      <option value="French Guiana ">French Guiana </option>
                      <option value="French Polynesia ">French Polynesia </option>
                      <option value="French Southern Territories ">French Southern
                      Territories </option>
                      <option value="Gabon ">Gabon </option>
                      <option value="Gambia ">Gambia </option>
                      <option value="Georgia ">Georgia </option>
                      <option value="Germany ">Germany </option>
                      <option value="Ghana ">Ghana </option>
                      <option value="Gibraltar ">Gibraltar </option>
                      <option value="Greece ">Greece </option>
                      <option value="Greenland ">Greenland </option>
                      <option value="Grenada ">Grenada </option>
                      <option value="Guadeloupe ">Guadeloupe </option>
                      <option value="Guam ">Guam </option>
                      <option value="Guatemala ">Guatemala </option>
                      <option value="Guinea ">Guinea </option>
                      <option value="Guinea-Bissau ">Guinea-Bissau </option>
                      <option value="Guyana ">Guyana </option>
                      <option value="Haiti ">Haiti </option>
                      <option value="Heard and McDonald Islands ">Heard and McDonald
                      Islands </option>
                      <option value="Honduras ">Honduras </option>
                      <option value="Hong Kong ">Hong Kong </option>
                      <option value="Hungary ">Hungary </option>
                      <option value="Iceland ">Iceland </option>
                      <option value="India ">India </option>
                      <option value="Indonesia ">Indonesia </option>
                      <option value="Iran ">Iran </option>
                      <option value="Iraq ">Iraq </option>
                      <option value="Ireland ">Ireland </option>
                      <option value="Israel ">Israel </option>
                      <option value="Italy ">Italy </option>
                      <option value="Jamaica ">Jamaica </option>
                      <option value="Japan ">Japan </option>
                      <option value="Jordan ">Jordan </option>
                      <option value="Kazakhstan ">Kazakhstan </option>
                      <option value="Kenya ">Kenya </option>
                      <option value="Kiribati ">Kiribati </option>
                      <option value="Korea [North] ">Korea [North] </option>
                      <option value="Korea [South] ">Korea [South] </option>
                      <option value="Kuwait ">Kuwait </option>
                      <option value="Kyrgyzstan ">Kyrgyzstan </option>
                      <option value="Laos ">Laos </option>
                      <option value="Latvia ">Latvia </option>
                      <option value="Lebanon ">Lebanon </option>
                      <option value="Lesotho ">Lesotho </option>
                      <option value="Liberia ">Liberia </option>
                      <option value="Libya ">Libya </option>
                      <option value="Liechtenstein ">Liechtenstein </option>
                      <option value="Lithuania ">Lithuania </option>
                      <option value="Luxembourg ">Luxembourg </option>
                      <option value="Macau ">Macau </option>
                      <option value="Macedonia ">Macedonia </option>
                      <option value="Madagascar ">Madagascar </option>
                      <option value="Malawi ">Malawi </option>
                      <option value="Malaysia " selected>Malaysia </option>
                      <option value="Maldives ">Maldives </option>
                      <option value="Mali ">Mali </option>
                      <option value="Malta ">Malta </option>
                      <option value="Marshall Islands ">Marshall Islands </option>
                      <option value="Martinique ">Martinique </option>
                      <option value="Mauritania ">Mauritania </option>
                      <option value="Mauritius ">Mauritius </option>
                      <option value="Mayotte ">Mayotte </option>
                      <option value="Mexico ">Mexico </option>
                      <option value="Micronesia ">Micronesia </option>
                      <option value="Moldova ">Moldova </option>
                      <option value="Monaco ">Monaco </option>
                      <option value="Mongolia ">Mongolia </option>
                      <option value="Montserrat ">Montserrat </option>
                      <option value="Morocco ">Morocco </option>
                      <option value="Mozambique ">Mozambique </option>
                      <option value="Myanmar ">Myanmar </option>
                      <option value="Namibia ">Namibia </option>
                      <option value="Nauru ">Nauru </option>
                      <option value="Nepal ">Nepal </option>
                      <option value="Netherlands ">Netherlands </option>
                      <option value="Netherlands Antilles ">Netherlands Antilles
                      <option value="New Caledonia ">New Caledonia </option>
                      <option value="New Zealand ">New Zealand </option>
                      <option value="Nicaragua ">Nicaragua </option>
                      <option value="Niger ">Niger </option>
                      <option value="Nigeria ">Nigeria </option>
                      <option value="Niue ">Niue </option>
                      <option value="Norfolk Island ">Norfolk Island </option>
                      <option value="Northern Mariana Islands ">Northern Mariana
                      Islands </option>
                      <option value="Norway ">Norway </option>
                      <option value="Oman ">Oman </option>
                      <option value="Pakistan ">Pakistan </option>
                      <option value="Palau ">Palau </option>
                      <option value="Panama ">Panama </option>
                      <option value="Papua New Guinea ">Papua New Guinea </option>
                      <option value="Paraguay ">Paraguay </option>
                      <option value="Peru ">Peru </option>
                      <option value="Philippines ">Philippines </option>
                      <option value="Pitcairn ">Pitcairn </option>
                      <option value="Poland ">Poland </option>
                      <option value="Portugal ">Portugal </option>
                      <option value="Puerto Rico ">Puerto Rico </option>
                      <option value="Qatar ">Qatar </option>
                      <option value="Reunion ">Reunion </option>
                      <option value="Romania ">Romania </option>
                      <option value="Russian Federation ">Russian Federation </option>
                      <option value="Rwanda ">Rwanda </option>
                      <option value="S. Georgia and S. Sandwich Islands ">S. Georgia
                      and S. Sandwich Islands </option>
                      <option value="Saint Kitts and Nevis ">Saint Kitts and Nevis
                      <option value="Saint Lucia ">Saint Lucia </option>
                      <option value="Saint Vincent and The Grenadines ">Saint
                      Vincent and The Grenadines </option>
                      <option value="Samoa ">Samoa </option>
                      <option value="San Marino ">San Marino </option>
                      <option value="Sao Tome and Principe ">Sao Tome and Principe
                      <option value="Saudi Arabia ">Saudi Arabia </option>
                      <option value="Senegal ">Senegal </option>
                      <option value="Seychelles ">Seychelles </option>
                      <option value="Sierra Leone ">Sierra Leone </option>
                      <option value="Singapore ">Singapore </option>
                      <option value="Slovak Republic ">Slovak Republic </option>
                      <option value="Slovenia ">Slovenia </option>
                      <option value="Solomon Islands ">Solomon Islands </option>
                      <option value="Somalia ">Somalia </option>
                      <option value="South Africa ">South Africa </option>
                      <option value="Spain ">Spain </option>
                      <option value="Sri Lanka ">Sri Lanka </option>
                      <option value="St. Helena ">St. Helena </option>
                      <option value="St. Pierre and Miquelon ">St. Pierre and
                      Miquelon </option>
                      <option value="Sudan ">Sudan </option>
                      <option value="Suriname ">Suriname </option>
                      <option value="Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands ">Svalbard
                      and Jan Mayen Islands </option>
                      <option value="Swaziland ">Swaziland </option>
                      <option value="Sweden ">Sweden </option>
                      <option value="Switzerland ">Switzerland </option>
                      <option value="Syria ">Syria </option>
                      <option value="Taiwan ">Taiwan </option>
                      <option value="Tajikistan ">Tajikistan </option>
                      <option value="Tanzania ">Tanzania </option>
                      <option value="Thailand ">Thailand </option>
                      <option value="Togo ">Togo </option>
                      <option value="Tokelau ">Tokelau </option>
                      <option value="Tonga ">Tonga </option>
                      <option value="Trinidad and Tobago ">Trinidad and Tobago
                      <option value="Tunisia ">Tunisia </option>
                      <option value="Turkey ">Turkey </option>
                      <option value="Turkmenistan ">Turkmenistan </option>
                      <option value="Turks and Caicos Islands ">Turks and Caicos
                      Islands </option>
                      <option value="Tuvalu ">Tuvalu </option>
                      <option value="Uganda ">Uganda </option>
                      <option value="Ukraine ">Ukraine </option>
                      <option value="United Arab Emirates ">United Arab Emirates
                      <option value="United Kingdom ">United Kingdom </option>
                      <option value="United States Of America ">United States
                      Of America </option>
                      <option value="Uruguay ">Uruguay </option>
                      <option value="US Minor Outlying Islands ">US Minor Outlying
                      Islands </option>
                      <option value="Uzbekistan ">Uzbekistan </option>
                      <option value="Vanuatu ">Vanuatu </option>
                      <option value="Vatican City State [Holy See] ">Vatican City
                      State [Holy See] </option>
                      <option value="Venezuela ">Venezuela </option>
                      <option value="Viet Nam ">Viet Nam </option>
                      <option value="Virgin Islands [British] ">Virgin Islands
                      [British] </option>
                      <option value="Virgin Islands [US] ">Virgin Islands [US]
                      <option value="Wallis and Futuna Islands ">Wallis and Futuna
                      Islands </option>
                      <option value="Western Sahara ">Western Sahara </option>
                      <option value="Yemen ">Yemen </option>
                      <option value="Yugoslavia ">Yugoslavia </option>
                      <option value="Zaire ">Zaire </option>
                      <option value="Zambia">Zambia</option>
                <tr bgcolor="#33CCFF">
                  <td width="1%" bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><font face="Verdana" size="-3" color="#FF0000">*</font></td>
                  <td width="49%" bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><b><font face="Verdana" size="-2">Email
                  <td colspan="2" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
                    <input type="text" name="email">
                <tr bgcolor="#33CCFF">
                  <td width="1%" bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><font face="Verdana" size="-3" color="#FF0000">*</font></td>
                  <td width="49%" bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><b><font face="Verdana" size="-2">Telephone
                  <td colspan="2" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
                    <input type="text" name="telephone">
                <tr bgcolor="#33CCFF">
                  <td width="1%" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">&nbsp;</td>
                  <td width="49%" bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><b><font face="Verdana" size="-2">Mobile
                    Phone :</font></b></td>
                  <td colspan="2" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
                    <input type="text" name="mobilephone">
                <tr bgcolor="#33CCFF">
                  <td width="1%" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">&nbsp;</td>
                  <td width="49%" bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><b></b></td>
                  <td width="11%" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; </td>
                  <td width="39%" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
                    <input type="submit" name="Submit2" value="Submit">
    <td width="2">&nbsp;</td>


Response.Buffer = True

      'Dimension variables
      Dim strBody                   'Holds the body of the e-mail
      Dim objCDOMail                   'Holds the mail server object
      Dim strMyEmailAddress             'Holds your e-mail address
      Dim strCCEmailAddress            'Holds any carbon copy e-mail addresses if you want to send carbon copies of the e-mail
      Dim strBCCEmailAddress            'Holds any blind copy e-mail addresses if you wish to send blind copies of the e-mail
      Dim strReturnEmailAddress      'Holds the return e-mail address of the user
      '----------------- Place your e-mail address in the following sting ----------------------------------
      strMyEmailAddress = ""

      strCCEmailAddress = "" 

      strBCCEmailAddress = "" 

      'Read in the users e-mail address
      strReturnEmailAddress = Request.Form("email")

      'Initialse strBody string with the body of the e-mail
      strBody = "<h2>Requesting for posting banner in ePASAR's Friend Corner</h2>"
      strBody = strBody & "--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"

      strBody = strBody & "<br><b>Name: </b>" & Request.Form("contactperson")

      If (Request.Form("address")) > "" Then
            strBody = strBody & "<br><br><b>Address                        : </b>" & Request.Form("address")
      End If
      If (Request.Form("city")) > "--- Choose One ---" Then
            strBody = strBody & "<br><br><b>City                                    : </b>" & Request.Form("city")
      End IF
      If (Request.Form("postcode")) > "" Then
            strBody = strBody & "<br><br><b>Post Code                              : </b>" & Request.Form("postcode")
      End If
      If (Request.Form("state")) > "" Then
            strBody = strBody & "<br><br><b>State                                    : </b>" & Request.Form("state")
      End If
      If (Request.Form("country")) > "" Then
            strBody = strBody & "<br><br><b>Country                                    : </b>" & Request.Form("country")
      End If
      If (Request.Form("email")) > "" Then
            strBody = strBody & "<br><br><b>Email                                    : </b>" & Request.Form("email")
      End If
      If (Request.Form("telephone")) > "" Then
            strBody = strBody & "<br><br><b>Telephone                              : </b>" & Request.Form("telephone")
      End If
      If (Request.Form("mobilephone")) > "" Then
            strBody = strBody & "<br><br><b>Mobile Phone                        : </b>" & Request.Form("mobilephone")
      End If

      'Check to see if the user has entered an e-mail address and that it is a valid address otherwise set the e-mail address to your own otherwise the e-mail will be rejected
      If Len(strReturnEmailAddress) < 5 OR NOT Instr(1, strReturnEmailAddress, " ") = 0 OR InStr(1, strReturnEmailAddress, "@", 1) < 2 OR InStrRev(strReturnEmailAddress, ".") < InStr(1, strReturnEmailAddress, "@", 1) Then
            'Set the return e-mail address to your own
            strReturnEmailAddress = strMyEmailAddress
      End If      

      'Send the e-mail

      'Create the e-mail server object
      Set objCDOMail = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")

      'Who the e-mail is from (this needs to have an e-mail address in it for the e-mail to be sent)
      objCDOMail.From = Request.Form("contactperson") & " from " & Request.Form("companyname") & " <" & strReturnEmailAddress & ">"

      'Who the e-mail is sent to
      objCDOMail.To = strMyEmailAddress

      'Who the carbon copies are sent to
      objCDOMail.Cc = strCCEmailAddress

      'Who the blind copies are sent to
      objCDOMail.Bcc = strBCCEmailAddress

      'Set the subject of the e-mail
      objCDOMail.Subject = "Requesting for posting banner in ePASAR's Friend Corner"

      'Set the e-mail body format (0=HTML 1=Text)
      objCDOMail.BodyFormat = 0

      'Set the mail format (0=MIME 1=Text)
      objCDOMail.MailFormat = 0

      'Set the main body of the e-mail
      objCDOMail.Body = strBody

      'Importance of the e-mail (0=Low, 1=Normal, 2=High)
      objCDOMail.Importance = 1

      'Send the e-mail
      'Close the server object
      Set objCDOMail = Nothing
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">
<title>Contact Us</title>
<meta name="Author" content="s.j.">
<body text="#000000" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" link="#0000FF" vlink="#990099" alink="#FF0000">
<table width="85%" border="0" align="center" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
    <td align="center"> Thank-you <% = Request.Form("contactperson") %> from <% = Request.Form("country") %> for filling in the enquiry form.
    I shall be receiving your enquiry shortly and will reply as soon as possible.</td>
<div align="center"></div>
This is one of my part of project.....
Hope it can help you.........

Sorry to make your page become longer..........
I am rush of time and no time to delete the unusable code.......

Say sorry again....

How does your code loop through a database of users as the question requests?

Fritz the Blank
Sorry for the comment that i posted............

I misunderstand the question..........Sorry for englishman and thank you for fritz_the_blank to remember me.....

Sorry to you guy one more time......
englishmanAuthor Commented:
Cheers Fritz and MG - I'll be testing them soon.

No reason to be sorry--I think it's great that your contributing to the thread.

Fritz the Blank
englishmanAuthor Commented:
Please bear with me - when I have done it I WILL close this question.
englishmanAuthor Commented:
Cheers, - at last!
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