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Install 2K Pro over XP Home

A few months ago, I got She Who Must Be Obeyed a new box with XP Home on it.  All was fine for a few months when she barely used it.  Now that she's started using it heavily, she get's frequent lockups (not just one app, the whole box).  I traced it to a intermittently failing NIC, but the damage has been done - she's decided she wants the OS I use on my main box (Win 2K Pro) because:

1) My box never locks
2) XP should have said the NIC was bad instead of just locking
3) XP 'feels' goofy

So, being ever attentive to her demands, yet being a lazy SOB, I'd like to install 2K on top of XP so as to avoid re-installing the three to seven zillion little things she installed.

Suggestions, admonitions, warnings, and gibes of any sort are welcome.  

Oh, "No, it can't be done" is a perfectly acceptable answer, although "Yes, it can if you bay thrice at a full moon" might be preferred.
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1 Solution
Ah, I guess I have to disappoint you. Since Windows 2000 is older than XP, it will not have the option to downgrade and keep your current settings in the process. It may be possible by doing some tweaking, but I would consiger the following steps first:

* Get new drivers for the NIC, and for any other device you think may be troublesome.

* Update the machine BIOS. Older BIOS are well known for problems with ACPI not being really compliant.

* To get rid of the goofy look (if that's what you mean), go to the display properties and change it back to the good old classic Windows scheme.
boy that lazy sob thing really put the clunker in a bunch of great ideas.  Any good at marketing? (lying)  Change the look and proclaim it to be the newest Win2KXP, and maybe throw in a digital camera to smooth things over.

Avon is right you are not going to be able to do what you want. Heck if you are going to do that why not upgrade to XP Pro instead. I doubt the problem is with XP specifically and poppinng Windows 2000 on the machine probably wont resolve the problems that are ocurring. With XP Pro you get Win2000 Pro with more software and hardware support. Plus XP Pro has a lot more things you can do with then does XP Home.

The Crazy One
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>>>2) XP should have said the NIC was bad instead of just locking

Hehehe I can tell you this neither does Win2000. I had a bad NIC and Win2000 never made mention of it. Actually there might be something in the event logs referring to a problem with the NIC. Sometimes NT just logs errors rather than issuing an error message. Point being that you are going to probably have to find a way to convince her that Win2000 isn't the answer to the problem. Of course you could just be a nice fellow and give her your machine. :>)

>>>3) XP 'feels' goofy

Yeah Win2000 felt goofy to me after using a Win9x system for several years. It is a bit of a paradigm shift and takes time to get the hang of it so to speak. Not saying that this is the case here but a lot people think Win2000 and XP are just a shinier version of Win9x and operates on the same premise of the Win9x OS's. Fact is they may look a bit like Win9x but what is under the hood is vastly different. I had to take the time to explain this to few folks who were under the false impression that Win2000 should act and feel like Win9x and wanted to go back to their Win9x OS. I informed them to be patient and take the time to learn the nuances of the OS. That if they did this they would become more comfortable with it. They took my advice and they now have no desire to return to the Win9x way of doing things. :>)
cookreAuthor Commented:
Demmit, this is what I get for getting her a store bought machine.  Decided to screw the warranty, ripped their seal off, put in the new NIC, booted from DOS floppy, ran the diagnostics, all OK.  Brought up XP, everything works, except no connectivity.  Hub OK, cable OK, NIC OK, connection configuration OK.  Just no connectivity.

Ping to anything (including NAT box) gives error 65.

Uncle Bill says thats because ICS is on and Zone Alarm isn't configured properly.  Sounds good except I don't use ZoneAlarm and ICS is not on.

Well, time to give up for tonight.
Here's an idea: depending how tech savvy your wife is, you might get away with just setting XP to use the Windows 2000 appearance, using the classic Start Menu etc.--that way it'll look pretty much the same as what you're using and you don't need to do a thing to the existing installation!

WARNING: I accept no responsibility for arguments or divorce proceedings brought on by use of this advice :-).
cookreAuthor Commented:
Well, clearly that connection is screwed up. OK, delete the connection and create a new one.

Highlight connection.
Mash Delete key.
"Do you really want to delete that connection?"
Click Yes.
"You can't delete that connection"


OK, let's create another one.
Use wizard.
Jump through hoops.
"Your broadband connection should already be set up."


Looks like tonight is save everything, wipe it, and put on 2K night.

(PS: North Bridge chip had fan mounted on it.)
(PPS: Fan mounted on North Bridge chip not plugged in.)
(PPPS: Store bought box. Indeed.)

>>>(PPS: Fan mounted on North Bridge chip not plugged in.)

Chances are that this was causing the lockups.
How old is it exactly? Does the saying, "Return the peice of crap" ring a bell?

OH and , Have you tried to do an upgrade to Windows 2000 professional? A little birdie told me that you CAN upgrade windows XP Home Edition to Windows 2000 Professional...haven't tried it myself so I really don't know if the little birdie was a wise 'ol Owl or a dodo bird but I guess you'll find out eh? IF it can't be done windows 2000 setup WILL tell you that. Just put the disk into the cdrom while in Windows XP and see what it tells you...
cookreAuthor Commented:
Despite the accumulated years of wisdom and gobs of points to the contrary, jatcan sucks up to the old fart and tells him what he wants to hear.

Since everything's gonna be saved anyway, I guess it can't hurt.

She Who Must Be Obeyed wants her box NOW, so return for warranty work is out of the question.  In any case, I'll still buy parts from the folks, I just won't pay them to glue the parts together.
Er, what is the new NIC of yours?
cookreAuthor Commented:
SMC 1255
PCI 10/100 FastEthernet

It would appear as if the problem is in the bowels of the connection.  Alas, I'm unable to delete the connection - disabled or otherwise.

OK, says I, I'll pull the NIC to see if I can delete it then.  Hmm, no connections show up. Put NIC back in - the blighter shows back up.

At this point, her ire far outweighs my laziness.

I'm backing up, will try installing over top, then, when that fails miserably, I'll wipe and install clean.

If the overlay goes, jatcan wins, otherwise AvonWyss.

In any case, points to everybody else now in seperate Q's under this TA for sharing the pain.
cookreAuthor Commented:
Plopped in 2K Pro CD and it said "No, you twit, I'm older than what you have so I'm going to protect you from your own stupidity and not let you do it.  So there."

Uncle Bill knows best.


...and the poor lass had 'only' 5 gig of just animal pix (she's a wildlife rehaber) and assorted doc.

tnx all for putting up with an old fart programmer.
Thank you a lot, cookre. By the way, this Q was pretty entertaining... ;-)
Very..to bad it has to end.
cookreAuthor Commented:
Just to catch everybody up:

XP Home unceremoniously scrapped, Win2K Pro installed flawlessly, reloaded all of her apps, favorites, mail, screen saver, well, everything.

Runs like a champ, rock solid.  Everything fine, harmony prevails.

Well, almost.

She plugs in her camera and talls the camera app to download all her pictures.  It says, "What camera?"

Oh oh (think of that wave file with the little girl saying it).

It seems XP's USB is a little nicer than 2K's.  Under 2K she has to (gasp) use Explorer to drag and drop her pictures (horrors) instead of just clicking 'Download' (Oh the humanity)!

Oh, and XP's Explorer thumbnail display is 'nicer'.

"Yanno, Jim uses XP Pro and he never has any problems.  I want XP Pro.  I can't use this box.  I need a computer that works."

Foolishly I persist, "But what's wrong with drag and drop?  You don't even have to load Camedia?"

"It just doesn't work right. Go get XP Pro.  Jim uses it without any problems!"

Vainly, "But remember, he uses Outlook and you use Eudora and Eudora and XP don't seem to get along - that's what started all of this.  Are you gonna switch to Outlook?"

"No, Silly, Outlook has too many viruses that Eudora doesn't get.  Maybe it'll work on Pro."

Rather than wax eloquent on XP's raw sockets and the problems that causes, "Well, Outlook's not all that bad if you lock it down right and don't do stupid things like Jim does.  How many time did we have to rebuild his box because because he wanted to see what clickme.vbs was or because he double clicked CUTEKITTY.JPG.exe"

"Well, maybe.  You'll have to show me.  But I still want XP Pro.  How much is it?"

"Mail order? About $150."

"That's a lot.  DOn't they have an upgrade?"

"That is the upgrade."

"Well, OK.  You can pick one up for me."

"That was mail order.  It's $200 in the stores."

"That's alright.  I need it now.  I can't wait.  I need a computer that works."

Hmm, I wonder if Outlook can handle multiple POP accounts in the same profile.  She has two, one of which is old, but I can't drop it because she still gets mail to it (it's all spam).

The saga continues...

hmmm like this bit:

"XP Home unceremoniously scrapped, Win2K Pro installed flawlessly, reloaded all of her apps, favorites, mail, screen saver, well, everything.

Runs like a champ, rock solid.  Everything fine, harmony prevails.

As I have recently acquired a new PC, I have been tinkering over the idea of "downgrading" to Win 2000 Pro.

Did you install by booting from the 2000 CD ? or did you format the disk and start from scratch?

I'm just a tad worried that I'm going to be left with one or 2 drivers missing....

the PC is a Compaq Presario 6240 uk
cookreAuthor Commented:
Since one has, of course, CD's of all installed applications, directories with upgrades and patches, and an emminently logical directory structure (not to mention a place for all of the emailed unlock/registration codes for all of those indispensible shareware apps bought on line), a backup, disk wipe, and install from scratch yields outstanding results.

If, however, you're not quite as fastidious about tracking changes, an install over top is always the first choice.  Should a clean install be required, well, at least you tried.

For what it's worth, having to feed and maintain boxes with 95, 98, NT, 2K, and XP on which I do development, I chose, and continue to use, 2KP on my preferred box.

However, XP(either flavor) is cute, and goes well with butterflies.


PPPPS: She Who Must Be Obeyed got her XP Pro that night and resigned herself to using Outlook.  Although she was easily confused with the method of downloading from her camera, she at least realized it would be best to let sleeping dogs lie - for a while.  

Fortunately, I realized what was coming.  I put together some code that would download her camera in one swell foop, and let on as if were a vendor upgrade instead of home grown.

So all has been just peachy keen in the intervening months.  She even figured out that since the box would lock only after power up, never powering would avoid that problem.

Smart lass.


Uh, I see that Eudora now has a version for XP.  Dare I re-open that can of worms?
XP is by far LESS stable than 2K, but, what did we all expect, since XP is their new beta and the .net beta is now out at select download sites in la-la-land...server is really flaky, so flaky in fact, I'm gonna scap it for NT4 which after 10 service paks(or there abouts-I lost track after 6-equivelant to three whole new OS's) runs fairly stable and only glicthes when I actually use it for something other than an ftp file server...like browsing...(sic)

jatcan: Strange; I've run XP for weeks on end without the slightest glitch or problem. Certainly I don't think it's any less stable than Win2K was, and as for going back to NT 4... [shudders]
lucky me then it's a new box and haven't really started installing anything untill I could be sure of whether I would be able (allowed?) to install 2k over XP home..

this all sounds encouraging.Here's hoping I don't have to trawl for drivers in the near future....
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
If this is still open and you have not found out what it is that you are wanting to do.
You can down grade, all you have to do is simply find and download all the "Hardware Drivers" for "Win2k" And then go in and "Partition and Format" the hard drive with the Win2k Disk and then load. "NTFS For formatting is your best bet, but it is prefrence, NTFS Is more secure and faster"

  I did this to a brand new HP that I bought for my sister a year ago. And it worked perfectly.

Like mentioned before, if this message is still open, this is the information that you need.

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