close programs from command line

i'm not  in the commands business
but i'm looking for a command (from the command line)
that will end all the iexplore.exe processes
on my machine.
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jatcanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
OK-here are some possible utilities to use but if you want something that is NOT an exe to kill a preocess on a remote machine I think you are maybe wanting the impossible. Unless of course you write a program that will kill an IE process after a trigger has been met(like a time period or something- I'm not a programmer so you'll have to ask one if it's feasable), and if you don't want an exe then make it a .dll, but no matter what you call it it IS an exe ...OR you can look into these two programs,

To remove orphaned child processes, use the kill command from the resource kit:
kill process name or id
kill -f process name or id
To obtain a list of processes and process IDs, use the Task Manager or the TLIST utility from the Resource Kit.

Gimme a few minutes and I'll get the link to the resource kit download....
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pinkmanAuthor Commented:
well ,  the whole story.
an sql server should report some web servers that it
has started and they can reconnect to it.
it is done by sending from the sql server a system command "iexplore.exe http://..." this url orders
a specific web server to connect. the sql server procedure that execute this never stops until the iexplore.exe is killed. i'm looking for a command
to kill the iexplore.exe and no problem i have only one.
any other suggestions to solve the problem are welcome.
i simply want to solve it in an elegant way without using any .exe to do the work.
pinkmanAuthor Commented:
thank you jatcan for your help.
for sure i gained knowlage .
simply thought that like give a iexplore.exe command
or ipconfig atc... i can give a system command to
kill a process (what can be better?)
i'm going back to programmers zone.
If this were *nix....good luck to u in your quest...

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