Running a DOS game in WinXP

I have an old DOS game "Quake" I like to play and want to know if there's a way to run Quake in Windows
XP.  I know Microsoft did away with DOS in WinXP but is there a work-a-round that will allow me to play
this game in WinXP?
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Windows XP supports both the NTFS and FAT file systems
and I should've asked which you're using. If it's not FAT32
then Quake is subject to the same caveats as under NT...

The workaround I mentioned of booting to DOS mode with a boot disk
is a method I sometimes use to run older apps and games. For example,
the old Lemmings games which won't run properly under some Windows versions.
But these two Lemmings versions are each under 1 MB total
and fit on a floppy and can run from there.

Another example is an old version of Scrabble that won't work under XP/NT...
The program comprises over 70 files totaling approximately 3 megabytes
but compresses to about 1 MB ... So I created a DOS boot disk having the
necessary files for memory management, sound support, mouse driver, etc.,
then placed a zipped copy of the game and all its files on the floppy.
The boot disk is configured to create a ram drive in memory,
and commands in Autoexec.bat then extract the zip file
to the ram drive and run the game.

The reason for a ram drive in this case is that when booting to DOS mode
with a DOS 6.22 boot disk you can't see a FAT32 volume
and the hard drive is unavailable during that session,
as DOS 6.22 supports the FAT file system.

Unfortunately, this method wouldn't work for you because Quake
can be anywhere from 20 to 80 MB depending on the version
and certainly won't fit on a floppy. But I've successfully tested
a couple of similar approaches using Quake 1.06 and 1.08
that allowed it to run without problems under DOS mode.
I'll briefly detail the procedure and can provide more
if it sounds feasible in your situation.

Both methods involve booting to DOS mode with a boot disk.
If this is something you want to do I'll furnish info and recommend
necessary files and configurations for optimized memory
and DOS setup when booting with a floppy.

The first method involves running Quake from a CD...
I first tested it using a DOS 6.22 boot disk having the necessary drivers
for CDROM drive support and then ran a shareware version of Quake
from the CD that the Quake program was shipped on.
This was Quake version 1.06 but it ran fine.

I then burned a copy of Quake 1.08 to a CD and tested it like that,
booting with the same 6.22 disk and successfully ran Quake that way.
Both procedures I configured the boot disk to setup sound card support
and the sounds worked fine. The only problem I noticed was that Quake
couldn't write its configuration file to save changes made during gameplay,
as it wants to place it in its own directory and of course can't write to the CD...
I just first configured it as I wanted and then burned the .cfg file to the CD but
didn't research further to perhaps change its working directory to the floppy disk.

The other method that works, and is much simpler, is to boot to DOS mode
using a Windows 98 (DOS 7.x) boot disk, which allows access to a FAT32 partition,
and then run Quake from the hard drive where it's installed.

If you want to try this method, indicate whether you have access
to a Windows 98 system for creating a boot disk and gathering other files
and if you want recommended configurations for a boot disk.
After you create the boot disk, it's then simple to
optimize it for extended and upper memory management...
Then add mouse and sound support and optionally CD support
if needed to listen to the Quake soundtrack included on some versions, etc...

It's still a possibility that Quake will work under XP
if you want to continue troubleshooting that. Options vary,
depending on your XP version, file system and other factors,
including sound card and its drivers. For example,
you may have previously configured Quake to run
by adjusting settings in Config.sys and/or Autoexec.bat
but XP doesn't read these files other than Path and Set statements.
But these settings can be used in the Config.nt and Autoexec.nt files,
usually located in the \Windows\System32 directory.

You say that when you attempt to launch Quake
"a DOS window opens for about 1 second the disappears"...
It's possible that an 'informative' error message appears
but the window is closing before you can read it...?

You may be able to keep it open and then see what's happening by first
opening a DOS window and then launching Quake from the command prompt.
-e.g., while testing I crashed Quake a few times and received a screen of garbage
with the letters "eip" appended. It's followed by an eight-digit hex number
which according to ID tells what the error was.

Another option is to set up a dual-boot system but that's probably overkill
and more trouble than its worth to merely run Quake before trying
other methods to make it run well under XP...

The first thing to try is to create or edit an existing PIF for the Quake executable.
If a PIF is involved, then it may be set to "close on exit" but the PIF properties
can possibly be adjusted to make Quake happy under XP...
To test it, right-click on the Quake 1.08 executable
and from the ensuing menu choose Properties.

Finally, there's a Quake.exe switch that will write info to a log file
having details of items that fail or successfully initialize.
The log file is named "qconsole.log" and is written to the Quake\id1 directory.
You can open the file and hopefully get a clue about what is failing.
To create the log, run Quake like this:

Quake -condebug

So please post back with what you've tried so far and your results and
whether you want to try to boot to DOS mode to run it and we'll go from there.
Also include whatever other details you can; i.e., your current file system,
is it home or pro ver. and is the D: drive in the path you mention
a hard drive having Quake installed or a CDROM drive, etc...


What version of Quake is that?
And what complications occur
when running the program?

Here's a reference to Quake from Microsoft
and to a download having a possible "fix"...;EN-US;q308361

XP emulates DOS and older Windows versions,
but various old software can exhibit assorted symptoms
related to hardware and drivers in addition to the XP issues...

A possible workaround would be to boot to a version of DOS
using a boot floppy, perhaps creating a ram drive,
and then run Quake from there.

Please post back with whatever other details you can provide
regarding errors you get and what you've tried so far, etc...
marckusAuthor Commented:
I have downloaded all the WinXP upgrades/patches.  I have Quake ver. 1.08.  If I go to the Run line, and type in the path (d:\Quake\Quake.exe)and hit Enter, a DOS window opens for about 1 second the disappears and thats it.  How do I make a DOS boot floppy and how do I use it?  Thanks for any more help you can provide.  
marckusAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all your help.
I had the same problem with Quake and winXP.

Easy and best fix is to get winQuake this is a FREE! directX conversion of Quake that runs all the old Quake episodes.

Do a websearch for winquake its <1mb
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