Reporting Options in VB6

I don't like the built in report functionality with VB 6 and was wondering if anyone knew of a better utility that will combine with VB6 so I can do reporting.

I've been working with Crystal Reports 8.5 but am upset because my report file will not open.

Is there any other solutions out there?


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gencrossConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I use Data Dynamics Active Reports.  Very flexible and easy to use.

Hope this helps
CR8.5 is an excellent option.  What problems are you having opening the report?

baddogiAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the replys.  I will try datadynamics but the problem with Crystal Reports 8.5 is the file is always getting corrupted somehow and then won't open with a message invalid TLV record or something to that effect.  I like the way crystal looks but can't do all that work and have it lost.....

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