RTC8593A Seiko IC

Hi guys
This might not be the correct site for this sort of question but could any of you expert engineers tell me where to find 5000 of RTC8593A Seiko chips.
If there is no answer you might just point me to a site which deals with electronic component sourching (we have tried Seiko already)
Will increase and share points if necsessary.
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ITsheresomewhereConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Might give a look to www.supplyview.com.

egbservicesAuthor Commented:
Thanks ITsheresomewhere for now...
Have registered with Supplyview.com and they will activate it within 48 hours.
Are these obsolete chips?  If they are current, you should be able to get the name of a local Seiko distributor from Seiko.  Any Seiko distributor should be able to fix you up with any quantity.

If these are obsolete and no longer in production, you will need to scrounge and hope that you find someone who has a surplus inventory that they want to unload.  
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egbservicesAuthor Commented:
RE: RTC8593A
Checked it with Seiko-Epson and their distributors in Japan, but we could not find any. As it was already discontinued the production in 2000. In this case... yes we are looking for someones surplus inventory... ;-)
egbservicesAuthor Commented:
Hi ITsheresomewhere
Sorry for not comming back earlier. We have found the chips with a local surplus sourcing company. Your immediate reply to my question with your succested link to to http://www.supplyview.com has become worth every point. The company I work for wants me now to subscribe with them and upload our surplus stock list with electronic components for sale!
Well... sounds like a happy end... ;-)
Great to hear you had success on both sides.

Glad to have been of help.

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