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Converting TIFF to PDF on the Server for Web Display

Posted on 2002-05-30
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-06-21
This question is primarily targeted to "mplungjan", regarding the question at "http://www.experts-exchange.com/questions/Q_20187920.html", but if anyone else has any opinions, they are welcome as well.

mplungjan -
You stated:
We have a process running on the server
that converts [a tiff file] to pdf by reading the file into memory, change the headers to pdf headers and returning the file to the browser without writing a temp file.

This is exactly what I need.  I want to create a simple component in VB or a process in ASP that converts numerous multipage tiff images into PDF for viewing.  You stated that it was only a matter of changing the header information.  I have the full version of Acrobat 4 installed and I have extensively reviewed their SDK, but I can't find what I need.  Basically, I need a simple way to specify an input TIFF file that sends a PDF file to the client.

You stated that "perhaps I can ask if you may have a copy of the program we use (I cannot guarantee that and
also no support on it whatsoever) if it works with your files."  Is this still an option?  I would really appreciate your help.
Question by:bmccleary
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Expert Comment

by:Michel Plungjan
ID: 7045320

the old program was in c
the new program is java

Perhaps this site can help
seems they will give you the program if you link back to them...



Author Comment

ID: 7045661
Thanks for the references.  One question though... you had mentioned a simple way to change the header information on the tiff to make it a PDF.  Can this be done easily?  I would like to use a method that didn't require any third-party components (besides Acrobat), regardless of the price.  Do you know how to use the Acrobat SDK to do this.  I think it can be done with only Acrobat (with perhaps Distiller or PDFWriter or something), but I can't find it in the SDK.  It's easy to do from the program itself (simply select import and enter the name of the TIFF file), but obviously I would like to do it via a server side COM object.  Any thoughts?
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Expert Comment

by:Michel Plungjan
ID: 7046319
I am sorry. I do not USE acrobat to change to pdf...

Also I have no experience with asp/com

The tiff header is a nasty piece of business in all hex...

What we do is to read the interesting bits like height and width and create a pdf header and footer.

I think for ease of use you should find a com object that does this. Must be out there. Ask at planet pdf (link is in the google search)

Please feel free to delete this question
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Expert Comment

ID: 7048926
try to use blackice pdf converter..


Author Comment

ID: 7048935
What is that and where would I find it?

Accepted Solution

PhantomRick earned 200 total points
ID: 7050567


This contains a code snippet that I found works well with VB6.  It uses the Acrobat API.  Play around with it to get better results.  I also found that mass converting alot of TIFs caused it to have sometimes have errors. Just try converting the file again if thats the happens.  I also found that it usually shrank the file size, usually significantly.  I was only converting multi-paged B&W's, but thousands of them.  The convertion took between 1-3 seconds each on a P3-500, 256Mbs RAM.

With my code, I modified the code to be a function that accepted the paths & filenames of the input & output files, with the function returning a boolean TRUE if it was successful.

I hope this helps.

Author Comment

ID: 7132683
Sorry, I forgot that I left this open.  Thanks to all for the information.  PhantomRick, I tried your solution and it worked great, but after numerous hours troubleshooting why the code would work great from inside VB, but crashed when run from a complied DLL, I have found that the Acrobat API won't allow itself to be compiled into a secondary DLL.  Therefore, I have decided to use PDFLib (www.pdflib.com) to complete the task.  It works great and is fairly inexpensive ($1000).  Thanks for all the info though!

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