Converting TIFF to PDF on the Server for Web Display

This question is primarily targeted to "mplungjan", regarding the question at "", but if anyone else has any opinions, they are welcome as well.

mplungjan -
You stated:
We have a process running on the server
that converts [a tiff file] to pdf by reading the file into memory, change the headers to pdf headers and returning the file to the browser without writing a temp file.

This is exactly what I need.  I want to create a simple component in VB or a process in ASP that converts numerous multipage tiff images into PDF for viewing.  You stated that it was only a matter of changing the header information.  I have the full version of Acrobat 4 installed and I have extensively reviewed their SDK, but I can't find what I need.  Basically, I need a simple way to specify an input TIFF file that sends a PDF file to the client.

You stated that "perhaps I can ask if you may have a copy of the program we use (I cannot guarantee that and
also no support on it whatsoever) if it works with your files."  Is this still an option?  I would really appreciate your help.
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This contains a code snippet that I found works well with VB6.  It uses the Acrobat API.  Play around with it to get better results.  I also found that mass converting alot of TIFs caused it to have sometimes have errors. Just try converting the file again if thats the happens.  I also found that it usually shrank the file size, usually significantly.  I was only converting multi-paged B&W's, but thousands of them.  The convertion took between 1-3 seconds each on a P3-500, 256Mbs RAM.

With my code, I modified the code to be a function that accepted the paths & filenames of the input & output files, with the function returning a boolean TRUE if it was successful.

I hope this helps.
Michel PlungjanIT ExpertCommented:

the old program was in c
the new program is java

Perhaps this site can help
seems they will give you the program if you link back to them...


bmcclearyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the references.  One question though... you had mentioned a simple way to change the header information on the tiff to make it a PDF.  Can this be done easily?  I would like to use a method that didn't require any third-party components (besides Acrobat), regardless of the price.  Do you know how to use the Acrobat SDK to do this.  I think it can be done with only Acrobat (with perhaps Distiller or PDFWriter or something), but I can't find it in the SDK.  It's easy to do from the program itself (simply select import and enter the name of the TIFF file), but obviously I would like to do it via a server side COM object.  Any thoughts?
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Michel PlungjanIT ExpertCommented:
I am sorry. I do not USE acrobat to change to pdf...

Also I have no experience with asp/com

The tiff header is a nasty piece of business in all hex...

What we do is to read the interesting bits like height and width and create a pdf header and footer.

I think for ease of use you should find a com object that does this. Must be out there. Ask at planet pdf (link is in the google search)

Please feel free to delete this question
try to use blackice pdf converter..

bmcclearyAuthor Commented:
What is that and where would I find it?
bmcclearyAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I forgot that I left this open.  Thanks to all for the information.  PhantomRick, I tried your solution and it worked great, but after numerous hours troubleshooting why the code would work great from inside VB, but crashed when run from a complied DLL, I have found that the Acrobat API won't allow itself to be compiled into a secondary DLL.  Therefore, I have decided to use PDFLib ( to complete the task.  It works great and is fairly inexpensive ($1000).  Thanks for all the info though!
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