buliding new computer trouble installing win 98 second edition

Im setting up a new computer system with a 80GB Maxtor HD
on a soyo k7vempro motherboard with a 1200 MHz AMD Duron
processor. I get the drive formatted and partitioned ready to install windows 98 second editon. I start
the installation then system reboots during file transfer. then it starts the installation all over
again in a different directory. I set jumpers on motherboard to default. can someone please help me!!!!!
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...formatted and partitioned...do you mean partitioned and formatted? T
Are all 80GB one giant FAT32 partition?  That could be the source of trouble.  It is a better idea to have a smaller partition for booting 98.  Like less than 30GB.
TrishaJMAuthor Commented:
>>formatted and partitioned...do you mean partitioned and formatted? T
yes I do mean partitioned and formatted.

>>Are all 80GB one giant FAT32 partition?  That could be the source of trouble.  It is a better idea to
have a smaller partition for booting 98.  Like less than 30GB.
thanks I will try this.
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Did you reboot following format(a must), prior to starting installation of OS?...as your BIOS should see all 80GB and install correctly even with one giant partition(currently the recommended proceedure as no advantage exists to breaking the drive to smaller partitions). T
No advantage except that the Win98 boot loader can have problems with booting from such a large partition.  I have experimented with an 80GB drive and saw similar problems until I lowered the boot partition's size.  Maybe it was the BIOS on my machine, maybe not, but definitely worth a try on this machine. >:(
"Did you reboot following format(a must)"
Not true.

It is only necessary to reboot after setting the partitions. I have istalled the OS directly after format without a reboot many times with no problems.
It may also be a CPU heat issue. Here are the recommended Heatsink/fan combinations for your processor:


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Sounds like faulty RAM or CACHE to me.
TrishaJMAuthor Commented:
It turns out that it was indeed a CPU heat issue.  I got a larger heatsink, and a case fan and the problem seems to have cleared up. Thanks for your help.
Glad we could help. Thanks.
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