Kill that Klez!

I have an Exchange server v 5.5
Lately I been getting allot of Klez viruses, about 1000 in the past two weeks.
Obviously my TVD has failed miserably.
I would like recommendations on virus software well suited for this job.
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Norton for Exchange and Trend ScanMail have worked for me exceptionally well.

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I have had great luck with Trend ScanMail.
Trend products are what I implemented on a client's system after he contracted Klez.  Have you been able to eradicate it from the local computers yet?  If they are XP it is not so easy.
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jwc02026Author Commented:
Unfortunately this client is cost sensitive in the extreme.
I believe they are now ready to implement a new/updated company wide a/v solution however, most of the systems are PI or PII with NT4.
I believe I would need a 'light' solution for these.

There are few XP systems however I they believe they are fine as they had Norton and Pccillin out of the box.
You may be able to scan and clean these by using
jwc02026Author Commented:
Yes I have sent this as
a temporary solution, unfortunately there is no enforcement mechanism, in any capacity
Kind of that "You can lead a horse to water ..." thing?  If you make recomendations but they are not followed, maybe you just need to blow them off.  But hey, they don't follow your recommendations!!  That is more money for you when they do have to call you.  Sounds good to me.
jwc02026Author Commented:
Penny wise and pound foolish!
I'm using Sybari's Antigen which protects Exchange quite well.

We have TVD since it protects the mailboxes themselves from a user sending another user a virus plus a seperate virus checker on the SMTP feed running on mailsweeper on a seperate box.

Can you confirm that you have set TVD up correctly, Groupshield running on the information store with the Exchange directories excluded from the filesystem scan.

Also confirm, the users are receiving emails with Klez in them that the local virus checker on their PC detects? Not that they are receiving virus removed emails from groupshield.

You have set groupshield to update/upgrade it's engine and pattern as well as setting up the filesystem scanner to update itself have you?

Do you have a grant number? I know it takes ages to get though to support but I'm sure they would be interested.
jwc02026Author Commented:
The client let the subscription end on Goupshield as it was continually getting errors.
Uninstalling it from the workstations has been somewhat difficult.
Given the pat experience of TVD, I am inclined to look elsewhere for a solution.
>The client let the subscription end on Groupshield as it was continually getting errors.

That's believable, if you keep updating the signature file but not the engine it tends to crash the server.

No wonder it doesn't catch Klez, the 2 year old virus checker on my home PC doesn't catch it either! ScanMail (as others have suggested) might be the best solution although I like to have a different checker on the servers than on the workstations and a 3rd one on the mail. (actually mailsweeper lets you run half a dozen independant virus checkers on inbound mail but it ain't cheap and uses much CPU).
jwc02026Author Commented:
Thanks for the quick response jp!
I have downloaded and installed the Trend scanmail
It works very well.
What really sold me on them was the support.
I sent a simple message to support and they will not let it go!
They contact me constantly asking how it’s going!
I've never encountered such a strong support structure!
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