Boot up problem

i am having touble booting up my computer..... it runs throught the bios and when it gets to the windows 98 screen it freezes there..... i tried taking the hard drive out of the loop but it will not load from the floopy boot disk (i've also went into the bios to set it up to boot from floppy) is also not giving me any post errors.... this is a new motherboard.could something be connected incorrectly?....i have also tried disconnecting everything but the floppy.....please help.......
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Have you tried starting in Safe Mode?

If you are using a hard drive that has drivers etc. from the old motherboard, you more than likely will have problems.

The best way to install a new motherboard is to start with a clean hard drive and a fresh install of the OS. If this is not possible, it is best to remove everything under "System" from the Device Manager while in Safe Mode.

You can also run Regedit, and navigate to:


Delete all entries in Enum. Save the changes and reboot. As Windows finds the new hardware, you will be prompted to install the drivers for it. You should make a back-up of the regestry before making any changes.

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LionanddoveAuthor Commented:
Thank You for your sounds logical but the computer will not let me get into safe mode at will not even let me direct it to the the present stage.... whatever i am going to try has to be done from the bios.....can i format the hard drive through another machine and try to load it that way.....p.s. what is enum?.....also when i take the hard drive out of the loop and try to make it boot from the floppy boot disk it is not allowing me to assign the prompt to a:\ doesn't try to load windows in this scenario it just stays at the screen with the bios system information with the prompt at the bottom of the screen just blinking......all help you can give is greatly appreciated......Thankx
If your floppy drive light is on constantly, the ribbon cable is reversed. Look for a #1 or a triangle symbol on the drive. Connect the color traced edge of the ribbon cable to this pin and to the corresponding #1 on the motherboard connector. Make sure to use the ends of the cable so that the twisted section is between the drive and the motherboard.

Go into system BIOS setup and set the floppy drive to 1.44MB and 3 1/2". Set the BIOS to boot from the removable drive first.

Boot to a Windows boot disk for your OS:

format C:

Install the OS
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I vote for getting someone from a local clone shop to help you.  We can tell you how to do this, but we can't cover every possible scenario that could pop up.  You are better to pay someone a few bucks to supervise getting this thing set up.

before you take the system to a service shop:

1) in your bios, see if it is possible to reset your settings to "fail safe."  I've seen similar problems & have been able to resolve with this setting... forget for the moment exactly what the issue turned out to be, but will research & get back to you... l2cache, maybe??

2) if this doesn't work, open up your case and disconnect all drives EXCEPT the hd (you'll find this is not a HD issue, but rather a bios and/or hardware issue).

3) give us a bit more detail re: what occurs when booting in step #2... does the windows splash screen appear?  does this hang at "updating..."?  give a bit more feedback.

Have you tried replacing your floppy drive-and have have you heard or seen it load? If the disk is inserted when you turn your switch on the disk should click and load even before you prompt bios.
 It dont mean a thing to your bios if your floppy is loading or not only if one is present.Enable floppy seek if it's not already so-also minimum ram for 98 is 16 megs-check your count and make sure that the system insert is being counted as well.
 Make sure that the system has identified and assigned an io to your hdd-it may be as simpile as a misidentified hdd.
Lionanddove... where do we stand on this?

If you have a new MB, and it will not boot, change the video card or get a new MB.

If the video card is an old agp etc, and you new MB only supports 1.5V agp cards then this could be the problem.

Try a old pci card or borrow a new a agp from a friend and test it out.

good luck, regards Chicko
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Have you been helped here, or is more needed?  Without your feedback, we can't do much for you.

Here are some links that may help you isolate the problem, in the meantime, since we don't really know enough about your setup.  Is your Motherboard/BIOS a plug-and-play board, and do you have Power Management disabled at the bios level?  Any beeps at boot, if so what are they (number and long/short).  Also tell us the Motherboard type and BIOS version; there may be a needed BIOS flash that applies.

Unable to Start Windows 98 in Safe Mode with Network Support (Q196249);en-us;Q196249;en-us;Q195241
How to Perform Clean-Boot Troubleshooting for Windows 98 (Q192926);en-us;Q192926

Hope to hear from you.


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Thanks Netminder.
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