Problem with pci Tnt 2 m64 graphics in games on pc (URGENT!!)

Ok i am quite knowledgable in computers myself and I have this one big problem with my pc my graphics card as i said in the title that its a pci Tnt 2 m64 and the manafacturer is Powercolor and my pc specifics is as follows : I have a slot 1 celeron 266mhz cpu my m/b is an Asus p2L97 with 128mb ram and i have a 100mb network card and a yamaha xg soundcard and a 40gb hdd. Ok the problem that i have is that i games any game i have a problem with the graphics for some reason it doesnt run as good as it should at all eg. Counterstrike seeing as i play it often at lans, in counterstrike i get about 10 to 12 frames per second if it is in opengl, software or direct3d it doesnt get any faster and wont :P now i have tried evrything you could think of i update my drivers whenever the newest detonator drivers comes out and it doesnt get better i tried the old drivers again and it didnt work either i currently have the newest detonator drivers installed on my pc and didnt make any difference a friend of mine tried some settings on my card that remarkably improved the performance on other peoples pc's with their gforces, agp tnt's etc. but still it didnt make a difference so at the moment i am desperate because i have had this card for a long time and the performance never improved even when i upgraded my pc to what it is now I know its not a very good pc but it should be enough. Now the only conclusion that i have come to so far is that my card is too new for my m/b and cpu and so it creates a bit of a clash or something but i dont see why that should make much of a difference even if it happens to be the case. Oh and one more thing with some movies on my pc it lags a bit as in the sond is before the picture and the picture lags a bit sometimes while the sound goes on fluently but i dont know if thats a screen card problem but i thought i'd mention it just in case it may help. Whoever can help me solve this problem deserves a big bright and shiny gold medal plus the points i am offering.
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slink9Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you knowledgeable enough in computers that you do not expect a 266MHz machine to perform like a modern machine?  This system is quite old.  Regardless of how much memory you add to it you will receive below-par performance.
It sounds like you have done plenty.  It also sounds like you do not suspect your cpu to be the problem.
I have a couple of 266MHz Slot 1 Cel's and they hasn't level 2 cache - only 16kb internal processor cache and works slow, so I will reccomend you to take at least 300A Cel or PII 266-333MHz (with 66MHz FSB).
magarityConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You're really lucky to get even that many frames per second with a Celeron 266.  As has already been mentioned, the lack of an L2 makes those old things extremely slow.  I'm sure that MB can take up to a 333 P2.  In addition, the M64 variant of the TNT-2 is the Celeron of video chips.  You've put together a system on a very tight budget and should be applauded for still making use of it, but there's no way you can expect any performance out of it.
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is it possibly problem with the monitor?

if so, can you try to degrade your graphic driver instead of upgrading it. find the oldest driver available.

i'm not really knowledgeable on computer, so don't laugh at this if it doesn't make sense. just a possibility.
Agree with the general consensus--a Celeron 266 with TNT2 M64 is NOT going to perform well in any graphics-intensive game. In the case of Counter-Strike you only just scrape in over the MINIMUM requirements for running the game, so if you've got the graphics quality turned up to anything higher than 640x480 with minimum detail level then you aren't going to get decent performance, full stop.
Oh, and alfanhendro: the monitor is not going to make any difference whatsoever to the performance of games or graphics cards other than limiting the maximum resolution you can run at.
GothmogAuthor Commented:
Thanx sofar for your comments guys I did indeed know that my pc is a very mixed and old system but seeing as it is all i can afford at the moment i try to make the best of it. I actaully did not expect much out of my m/b and cpu i was posting the question only as a last resort to attempting to make the graphics a bit better because i did not know enough to be completely sure that my performance is not going to get better, so i thank you for poitning that out to me at least. And i did not really suspect my cpu to be the problem in this case seeing that i did not know that the old slot 1 celeron 266mhz did not have a level 2 cache.
Well I found a place selling Pentium2 300Mhz for $35 with free shipping:

Going from no L2 Celeron to 256K L2 plus a few Mhz for $35 might be worth considering.
... and you would find your mobo manual at (as if you didn't already know that!)
Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:
Actually checking Asus's webpage indicates that you should be able to use a Celeron 466 (7.0x66MHz).  You'll need a "Slocket" adapter however. $35 for the CPU, probably $10 for the slocket.  The Celeron 466 w/ 128K L2 will outperform a Pentium 2 333 (which is the fastest P2 you can use on your board).

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