installing different versions over current W98 build

Hi all,

Can somebody please offer a bit of advice. (two questions in one here:

I'm running win98 (4 10). I wanted to re-install because it seemed to have become unstable after about 9 months of adding/removing software and files being created everywhere...time for a spring clean., When I tried to re-install I found my disk had become damaged or corrupted... unreadable so I wizzed it away! I tried to install win SE over win98 4 10 but it wouldn't install. Error message like 'You already have a more recent version installed' etc. Now I have obtained a disk with WinME which apparently WILL install over my current W98. If I install ME am I stuck with it?   and if I want a different version later, will I need to install an upgrade?

In Add/Remove I have an option to Remove Win98 and revert back to my Win95 OS. I get a message saying: ' Warning: Do not uninstall Windows 98 if you compressed your hard drive or converted to the fat 32 file system after setting up windows 98' I didn't do any compression but I am converted to fat 32:
Microsoft Windows 98 4.10.1998
Upgrade using Full OEM CD /SrcDir=D:\WIN98
IE 5 6.0.2600.0000
Available space on drive C: 2632MB of 8197MB (FAT32)
Does this mean I can't revert back to W95 using the uninstall W98 option in Add/Remove?
If I can , I should be able then to install either the unacceptable Win98SE or any other version. I think:)

If you can help I'd appreciate it. Don't want to mess things up :)
Thanks in advance
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DabRainConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What I would do first is to create a windows boot disk from Control Panel | Add Remove Programs | Startup Disk

Once you have done that, leave the boot disk in your drive and restart the PC then type in the doss command that I mentioned above then  D:\setup (not install)

and that will do it
Firstly, upgrading to 98se is as simple as renaming or removing in the windows directory in DOS,  boot to dos from a floppy and type the following; ren c:\windows\ win.old  (or any other name) then install 98se, simple.

Secondly, upgrading to ME from 98 gives you the benefits of both systems, but once done I believe you will be stuck with it unless you save backup files during installation, this option may also cure your stability problems.
When I thought my Windows 98 had gone bad, I bought Windows ME.  However, my
son advised against it and so I returned it to the store for credit.  In the meantime
I was able to reinstall Windows 98 on top of the older version.  Since then I have
gone on up to Windows 98 SE and it works great!

Windows ME continues the migration away from DOS, AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS
and you might not like that.  Also, it is a setup that isn't used for networks.

If you have sufficient disk capacity to support Windows 98, going back to Windows 95
is a dumb idea.  So, why in the world would you want to do that?  Windows 95 is not
stable, and only introduced use of the Registry, without having most Registry features.

You mentioned that your hard drive had gone sour, but gave no details.  Apparently
it only needs a good "spring cleaning".
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tongaliteAuthor Commented:
Hi again,

I was told a week ago about this renaming of file but to be perfectly honest I'm not very clued in on Dos at all. I'm not exactly a power user. I simply bung a win CD in the drive and let the automated install process happen :)
Let me get this right...
If I boot up into dos from a restart (Restart in MS Dos-Mode) Then type in what you suggest above... would that be like what you mean?
What next? Just put the cd in the drive and type...

D:\install.exe? Whould that do it do you think?

Thanks for your help.
Hi pleasenospam...

> You mentioned that your hard drive
> had gone sour, but gave no details.  
> Apparently it only needs a good
> "spring cleaning".

Things seem to have become quite sluggish and I'm getting lots of freeze-ups, Lots of blue screens when shutting down plus other little gripes.

> So, why in the world would you want to do
> that?  Windows 95 is not stable.

I don't want to go back to W95, I simply saw that as a way to remove my current W98... Then install the new W98SE version over W95..... It won't install over W98. WinME will... know what I mean? :)A long winded approach I guess but automatic... Departure into Dos avoided.

I have had nothing but GOOD luck installing Windows versions on top of old ones.
Any needed control files are preserved that way.

Look at this for help with DOS:

Look at this for help with cleaning up your system:

I use this daily, with no problems.
In reading your last comment above, I suspect that you have errors on your hard drive.
I use Norton Disk Doctor in SAFE MODE to clean up hard drive problems.
I use Norton Win Doctor in regular Windows to clean up problems with the Registry.

Norton System Works has a "ONE BUTTON CHECKUP" that runs 10 different tests on your
computer, including the two mentioned above.
tongaliteAuthor Commented:
Hi guys,

Well I eventually got things to work after much cursing, creating boot disks, installing, uninstalling, this version, that version and God knows what, I even ended up with one version installing to the wrong dir!!! it created [C:\windows.000]??? and I ended up with a blank OS. I could see all my stuff in my Win dir but nothing would run because all the dll's were in the wrong systen dir! I'm glad to say I'm now back to some semblance of order :)
Thanks for your help

pleasenospam. I'll leave you some points too. Thanks also. Watch out for the points and leave a comment for me to 'accept'
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