H1, H2, etc in Frontpage 2000

I am a newbie to Frontpage -- how do I use H1, H2, etc commands in the normal view in Frontpage?  I know I can code it by hand in HTML but isn't there a button or menu that lets you insert them easier?
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jdfultonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Click on View-Toolbars-Formatting.  This will display the Font toolbar.  You should have three Drop Down Menus. One for The Style one for the Font Type and one for the Font size.
You can select the type of font with the drop down list next to the Font style.  By default it says Normal.  If its not there then you have to show the Formatting toolbar.

mcochranAuthor Commented:
But that's for font size -- not headings.  Font size 1 is the smallest font but heading size 1 is the largest.
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No you should have another drop down list that hast the following.  What version are you using?

Heading3 etc...
mcochranAuthor Commented:
I'm using FrontPage 2000.  My options under Format, Font are:

Font & Character Spacing tabs

Under Font, I have

Font, Font Style, Size, Color Effects, & Preview

Under Character Spacing I have

Spacing, Position & Preview
mcochranAuthor Commented:
Thanks JD!  I had 3 toolbars selected so the formatting bar only showed one drop-down but when I closed the tables toolbar it showed the formatting toolbar with all 3 drop downs.
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