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problem in installing office 2000

hello to the experts,

i am using ibm netvista pentium III with 1.2 mhz cpu and 256 mb ram 32mb vga 40 gb hdd.
the problem is when i am trying to install office after some time systm get stuck and the system is not abble to read from the cd rom.
even i tryied with other office cd too.
i have check with other cd- rom also but nothing same problem.
so can u experts do some thing for me it will be grate help to me.

1 Solution
Do you get any specific error messages?  What are they?
What is the OS?  Have you tried a cleaning CD?
We need more info.
Delete all tmp files on your system. You can use this command :
Start / Program / Accessoirie / System tools / disk cleanup

Try also to defrag your disk ....
ma_naseer23Author Commented:
hi slink9.
i am using windows 2000 professional.
yah i have tryied even with other office cd.
coz this is new pc even i reinstall win2k also but nothing
same problem.
if u need more information let me know.
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Specific error messages?
did you try other cd (not office) in your cd-rom?
Copy the all CD content in to the harddisk, and try to setup directly from the harddisk. May it will solve your problem. I think u don't have any problem to copy from the CD.

Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:

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Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:

Any update on your problem?  Please let us know!

Try these solutions:

1: Try installing office 2000 from dos.run setup.exe from your cd drive in dos.
2: Try to copy cd of office on your hard drive from windows or if this fails go to dos and copy cd on your hard drive.Try to install office from there on another location.
3: Clean your cd drives lens by cd drive lens cleaner which is easily available in market.
4: Try installing on other pc of your friend .if it gets installed then there might me problem with your cd drive.
It is your CD ROM.  Sometimes the CDROM chipset overheats, making the CD unable to read any further. This happens when the number of files is great, not particularly the size of it.  So the problem would be hard to tackle.  Naseer, get a new CD ROM.
attach u r cd drive on sec. master and try to install it. be sure cd-rom is there in BIOS. if u  using CD-W then remove all command require to run CD-r fon COnfig.sys and autoexec.bat. chk jumpers of cd drive.
Well first off, you can't install O2K from DOS, and nothing in config.sys or autoexec.bat is causin this ;)

Try copying it to your hard drive like some have suggusted, and if that doesnt work, try your CDs in another computer. If that doesnt work, return your CDs to whoever you bought em from, cause there's a chance they weren't stamped correctly, OR, reinstall your CD-ROM drivers with the newest version.
Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:

A real-mode driver could cause a problem like this if ma_naseer23 is using Win95 or 98.  ALso, there are no CD-ROM drivers for any Windows OS since Win 3.1!  The default CD-ROM driver is all you can get.

Try installing the office using a CD ROM Drive mapped from another machine. It always worked for me.
Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:
Forget it...this "ma_naseer" has abandoned the question.  We have gave numerous suggestions and not received any feedback whatsoever for over 6 months.  I have requested Community Support to resolve this.

Ok experts, how do we want to close this.  I will close in 7 dyas.

E-E admin
Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:
Well, the asker pretty much ruled out the problem being with the CD or the CD-ROM drive as he indicated that he used several different CDs and at least one different drive...I would suggest leechoonhwee get the points, installing across the network would almost certainly work and eliminate the possibility that this is a CD-ROM problem.  However we don't know that this system is networked...

you have worked with more than one CD & CD-drive so the
problem may be with your os. please backup your software
format your drive reinstall windows and then install office before installing other software. you should
select office with minimum requirements  
This is CD-ROM problem, so flow points given bellow:
1. check wire of CD-ROM
2. If wire is right then conform your CD-ROM work properly or not by using another CD.
3. If the audio cd icon in start Menubar then first exit it and try to instal office 2000.

I think these options are help you to instal .

hy slik9

it is a simple problem. MAKE a copy office-2000 from cdrom to your harddisk and then start setup and if there is any problem then u have to delete the personal web server from
internet tools because some time it also create a problem.
and u don't tell in which operating system u will work.ALSO u have to start defragamation and most important thing that u have check urs disk size.
Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:
Why do we still bother commenting?  This person is obviously never going to return to close their question, I'm unsubscribing.

If u r facing error like illegal operation.... can not  then it is due to virus on u r disk. chk for this

There is a known problem with installing Office 2000 if it has previously been installed on same machine and then uninstalled. Microsoft have a utility to remove all vestiges of the previous installation - though this utility itself may cause problems. I usually go to the unprecedented step of reformatting and reinstalling everything. Saves time in the long run - a step worth taking if you have everything to hand!?
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