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I have a cgi enabled webpage that allows a user to enter data into a database. I would like to add the following ability:

When a user hits submit it echos back the input data and asks the user something like " You entered xxxx, is this correct" . A yes would submit teh data, a no would bang back to the previous page.
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lexxwernConnect With a Mentor Commented:
well that can be done in perl itself, /

let confirm.cgi be the file the input comes too,

this file can just show the entered data, and have another form like this ..

print qq( actual data..

<form method="post" action="actual.cgi">
<input type="hidden" name="myname" value="$perlvar"/> so... so... so...
<input type="submit" value="Confirm"/>


this would be more reliable as compared to non javascript browsers, and be better for you as you can avoid not learning a new is this good or bad ? ;)
you want this in something like a javascript popup, or just on it's own page?

page1 submits to page2 submits to page3.

page1 has the form.  page2 grabs the info from the form, and shows whatever message you would like shown....if the user clicks "accept" page2 already has all the form values from page1 in hidden fields, and submits the form values to page3.  page3 does your processing.  

if on page2 the user clicks "no" then page1 is reloaded, either with or without the values from the form being populated back into the fields.


if the data is a lot smaller (1 field??) then i think you can throw it into a javascript popup with "OK" and "CANCEL" buttons that will fire onsubmit of the form on page1.  if the user clicks ok, they are then brought to page3 which does the processing.  no more need for page2.

<FORM name='myform' action='whatever.cgi' method='post'
   onSubmit='return(confirm("You entered: " + this.myInput.value + ", is this correct?"));'>

  <INPUT name='myInput' value=''>

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Sorry Bruno, we were typing at the same time ...
also, I left out the submit button in the form:

<INPUT type='submit'>

no worries, as i was just posting thoughts not actual code...

grade B ?
an no feedback to anyone....
update: Ct changed graade on request.
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