Aggregate function for DateTime variables??

I have a table that contains a DateTime column, and another column that I want to use as the group indicator.  I haven't found a function that will select the latest or earliest of the DateTime values for each group.  Does one exist?

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Mogalappa AdakiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
suppose your datetime column is x and other columns are y,z

assing x as getdate() value in your program to get the date of the entry of record in the table.

select y,z,x from tablename order by x desc
I'm not sure, but will this do what you described?

Latest Date for each group:

Select Group, Max(Date)
From Table
Group By Group

Earliest Date for each group:

Select Group, Min(Date)
From Table
Group By Group
you can also combine the two above...

select Group, max(date), min(date)
from Table
group by group
garyz31Author Commented:
Thanks:  I got distracted from this project for quite a while.
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