Is it possible to hide layer in action script

Hello !
I am developing card game , and I have one question
- card rotates around self displaying front side , than back side , and than again front side,
- i put each card in different layer,
- all card layers are in desing mode set to hidden,

in action script I want to show only layer for card of my choice
Is this possible, or should i have another apporach

Thank You, in advance

Ante Blaskovic
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I think another approach is the way to go Ante
as you are expecting Flash and ActionScript to
do things it was not designed to control
the visibility of individual layers.

The visiblity of layers in design mode..I assume that
is what "all card layers are in desing mode set to hidden" only to hide layers while you are working on the the work space doesn't get cluttered and you can easily track the content of an individual layer.(by hiding the others)

ActionScript can control the visibility of an OBJECT
(one of your cards say)in a layer after you have given it a name in the INSTANCE panel.
By refering to this name ActionScript can control
the _alfa properties, by you defining a value between
0-100 or the visibility, by declaring it TRUE or FALSE.

Hope this is a help.



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very simple,

You have to create seperate movies for each card(rotetes front, back, front). Give proper name for each movie.

For simplicity, choose present card layer then select frames. Paste these selected frames inside new movie(for each card).

On stage you can call these movies as you needed by 'loadmovie' function(consider levels for each movie while calling). You can hide movie by '_visible' property or you can apply filter 'alpha'.

If you do not needed these movies on stage then you can use function 'unloadmovie'.

As Z said if you hide layers in design mode, still you can see these layers at runtime and you cannot control layers in runtime. To achive this you have to create each card movie as I stated above

nosleepAuthor Commented:
First, thank You for quick response


Can I solve problem with this approach ?

I have movie Clip Card1 with layers
  back     --inst1--         --inst1--
  front             --inst2--

inst1 is instance of cardback.jpg
inst2 is instance of cardfront.jpg

Now if I have:
instTemp which is instance of cardfront2.jpg (another card)

can I in script assign instTemp to inst2
exmp:  instTemp = inst2 or something like this

Thank You , in advance
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nosleep --

You can assign an instance of a movie clip to any variable and it will proceed with correct associativity. So, yes.
Go to Flash Help..ActionScript Reference /working with
movie clips/working with movie clips:Overview..
read this and the subject below it.. About multiple
timelines..and you will get a clearer idea of how to
do what you are asking.

Any movie clip can replace any other movie clip..but
you will need to learn how to call a clip (which requires
an EVENT..leg..on Movie...and a so the player knows
when to call a clip, what to do with it and where to put it.
[what I have written above is NOT ActionScript just a
description of it]

"can I in script assign instTemp to inst2 "

Yes you can do this inside new flash version flash mx. But you can do this only with jpg files.

Use loadmovie function and set target as 'instTemp'. So it look like(check for full path of jpg file),


That's it

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