can cd-rw disks be password protected?

I currently have a Zip drive that I store some personal data on and I can password protect each Zip disk so no one else can access the info. I was wondering if I could password protect cd-rw disks?
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Put one folder on the CDRW and password it, then put all the other folders into it.
Are you password protecting the actual folder itself or the whole disk? If the folder then it should work the same way on a CDRW.
grwistAuthor Commented:
I want to protect the entire cd-rw disk so I won't have to protect each folder or file on the disk. That should save a lot of time.
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Password protecting the CDRW would be a function of the software that you are using to write the disk with, therefore you would have to check your particular software to see if it is a feature somewhere.  

grwistAuthor Commented:

what program would I use to encrypt the folder on the cd-rw disk? This could be one solution.
grwistAuthor Commented:

I have a new Yamaha cd-rw with NeroAhead burning software. I'll have to read the instructions, probable tomorrow, to see if I can use it the way you suggest. Thanks for the idea.
Since the CD-RW disk acts like a giant floppy disk, any software that encrypts regular drives should work on it as well.

Does anyone know if the Win2000/XP native encrypting utility will work with CD-RW?  My XP machine is haywire right now so I can't check...
Any good encryption program should be able to do this.  password protect a folder protection
Free folder encryption plus software

take a look at :
PC Guardian
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Here is comparation of different utils:

    In my experience best (and free) are:
   for win9x - Scramdisc  -
    for win9x, Win2K - E4M - 
   + sheel program SecureTrayUtility -

folder protector folder guard  folder encryption folder password

Folder Guard helps you to keep sensitive files and folders safe and secure on your computer. It's highly
               configurable and very easy to administer, with excellent documentation readily available. An Explorer-style
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               features work not only in Explorer, but also in any file dialog in other applications. The main program
               is protected by an administrative password, and you can assign individual passwords to gain access to
               protected folders. A separate program is included to let you quickly toggle the protection on and off.
               Reviewed on May 17 2000.

Desktop lockdown secure the desktop

   Other considerations 

Disk encryption PGP  trial
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I hope this helps !

grwistAuthor Commented:
Simple but probably good enough for what I need.
Thanks, raty333
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