RedHat 7.2 and Win2k

OK, I have an installed version of Win2k Server running on my computer.  I plop in the RedHat 7.2 CD and choose to install LILO on the MBR with LBA32 support.  I previously had a dual boot between Win2k and Win98 so I just repartitioned the Win98 drive and installed over that.  Now when I reboot, RedHat comes up fine through Lilo.  When I choose Win2k from the Lilo prompt it says "Starting Win2k" and hangs.  I think I overwrote the NT boot loader.

Is there any way to recover from this?  Even if I have to reinstall Win2k I really want to get this dual boot setup properly...
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jsnormanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If it says "Starting Windows 2000" you did NOT overwrite the NTLDR.  

What I suspect is happening is that deleting your Win98 drive changed the drive mappings for Windows 2000, so it now cannot find its system files.

I would try getting to recovery mode and choosing the "repair" option as a first step.  Can you press F8 upon boot or do you not get that far?  If not, try using your Windows 2000 installation CD, and when it finishes loading modules, choose the repair mode.  

If that does not work you will likely just have to reinstall Windows.  Do not format -- just reinstall right over your existing windows 2000 partition.  Your applications should be preserved, though you will have to reapply service packs.
smiskAuthor Commented:
I think it's lilo that is saying "Starting Win2k" because Win2k is the lilo name for that os (it doesn't say "Starting Windows 2000" like it usual does).  But I will try the repair feature and hope that it works...

Let me know.  If you were missing NTLDR, the likely error message would be "NTLDR missing or not found" (I have had this happen to me many many times!!!!).  

Also, be aware that the repair option of Windows 2000 MAY overwrite the LILO boot sector of the MBA with Windows own MBR sector.  If so, of course you just have to boot with your boot disk into Linux and rerun LILO after repairing WIndows 2000.
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It appears that the numbering of the OS in the MBR has chaged.
1. Get any version of Ranish Partition Manager from Unzip and copy partXXX.exe
   on a floppy. (where XXX is the version)
2. Boot into plain DOS from floppy. Run partXXX.exe from
   the above floppy.
3. MBR will be displayed. Change numbering of the Win2k
   to 1 or 2 (try with both entries). F2 to save.
4. Reboot.

Best Wishes.
smiskAuthor Commented:
Actually, this was resolved by reinstalling Win2k.  Linux boots fine with a boot disk, which is good enough.

Thanks for the help.  I wish I could delete the question...
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