How to fix corrupt wizard?


I consider myself to be somewhat familiar with Win2K but when it comes to errors like "icwconn1.exe has created errors and will be closed by windows...." I tend to fall behind.

This time its the dialup internetconnection-wizard that bugs me and after entering the phonenumber I'd like to dial it gives this error. The file causing the error is the icwconn1.exe, and I have tried to copy a version of this wrom a working installation, unfortunately without success. Any pointers...?

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jatcanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Click start button\run\type in "services.msc"

double-click routing and remote access service
click the stop button
from the drop down menu choose manual if you think you may be using this (unlikely) or disabled.
Apply changes and reboot, then run your internet connection wizard again, if you need to have routing and remote access enabled, try to re-enable it after you create your connectoid and monitor for further problems.

Also, get to an XP machine and copy the following files over from it to your win2k PC:

msconfig.chm - if you want access to the help files

works good buddy.
This error is created from Interenet Connection Wizard.

I would make sure that you have a copy of your internet connection settings and delete all Internet dial-up connections. Then recreate you connections from scratch.

I would think the easiest thing that might be wrong is that one of your dial-up connections are corrupt. Recreating them might fix your problem.

I hope this helps.
HenningFAuthor Commented:
I only have one lan-connection, and that shouldn't give me a problem, should it...??
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The LAN connection shouldn't, only the Dial-up connection. Just recreate that...

HenningFAuthor Commented:
Thats the whole problem. I only have one lan-connection, and when I try to create a dialup-connecten the wizard gives me an error...
Well the icwconn1.exe may have some dependencies on other files that could be causing the problem.

Have you tried
Start > Run sfc /scannow
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