I downloaded the divx player and coder from divx.com.
It gave me a codec, and a decoder configuration.

How can I use these to convert an avi file to a divx file?  I understand that the quality is good with small file size.
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TheRedGuyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need a video editing program to make use of the compression features of the codec. Codec = compressor/decompressor (or some prefer coder/decoder). You decompress a file to view it (eg with the DivX Player) and you use the compression features to create a new file.

I would recommend Virtual Dub. You can download it from www.vcdhelp.com, where you will also find a host of alternative titles, if you prefer.....
You'll need an encoder, my recommendation is virtualdub
it's free and full of grat features.
open your AVI and choose the divx codec in the video->compression menu. add any filters or movie manipulations you like. then in file -> save as avi will produce an .AVI file compressed with divx codec.
you might want to check
www.vcdehlp.com for more info and tools
OOPS, I guess TheRedGuy types faster ;)

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