win2000 install problems

Hi Folks, I have had win2k on the same box before up and running for a few months. I have had to do a reinstall and have had win98 up and running for around 2 months. I have been trying to install win2k since then onto a hard drive so I can reconfigure my system and get rid of 98. (He who has second thoughts)
I get to the point where it is checking the hardware after the first reboot, it gets about half way and comes up and tells me that there is a hardware fault, see your hardware manufacturer. Remember this is the same system that the same os was on before. I have stripped the box down to just mobo, vid, ( I have tried two diff vid's tnt2, and an S3 trio64pci). I have disconected my burner and put in a generic CDrom drive and taken everything else out of the box.
It is a Aopen 64pro mobo with 520,000mgs ram PIII 800 cpu.
So we have a mobo, vid, ram, 40g seagate drive, floppy and cdrom drive, remember that everything is working well in win98 on the same box.
I also get the same error message when I try to install it onto my son's system, New mobo pIIII 1.2g cpu 390,000m ram etc, new drive.
I am at a loss to get past this error.
My sons computer has had the same os on the drive before running for about a year.
Both drives have been fdisked and formatted and read well.
Any help would be greatly appreiciated
Regards Ned

I have also tried two different cd's of win2k pro

The first cd is just win2k pro, the second one came with the hard drive and includes service pack 1
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m0bovConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Default the BIOS and make sure you format the HD using the 2000 installer. Also try Fat32 and or NTFS. Can you remove a DIMM?? Try that perhaps.
I agree that you should stripe doen the system as much as possible, including RAM.

Win2k is much more sensitive to RAM problems than win9x.

Also- I would suggest copying the i386 directory locally and running the winnt program. This will insure that it is not a CD related problem.

Also run some hardware diagnostics for RAM etc.
SANDRA is good for general stuff, as is Norton and Ontrack.
You might want to check out
Here is a link to reviews of 11 motherboards by AnandTech.
  CPU speed test CPU type   Side bus speed  FSB front side bus                                                                    

RAM test RAM diagnostics for testing RAM using a boot disk.
               goto this page:
               and download the file on the link:
               ctRAMtst - Hauptspeichertest, Version 5.1

               or download directly:

I hope this helps.
Or you disable the L2 cahce on the mboard and sloooooooowly go through the install again..sometime sit helps sometimes it doesn't..

another proven method is to remove all devices from machine (sound card, nic,modem,extra controller cards, all but one stick of ram,etc,etc,)-leave only ram-enough to install,video and HDD- 1 HDD only) and leave only the keyboard, monitor and mouse connected to the PC, then run the install and report your outcome here.
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(1).As our friends said win2k memory manager has a rough rule of thumb:for every 256kb cache there should only be 256Mb Ram.
(2).You can also try this though it seems to be trivial:
since your harddisk is seagate,take a seagete DM cd.boot the computer with a Dos/98/95 bootable,and at the command prompt type DM and press enter.
Now in the advanced options of DM go to maintenance....goto zerofill.
(3).After zerofill is done make a partition for winnt(you can select this in advanced options.just make one drive with 2047Mb only)
this may help..
even this will work if you a get an error that"signature AA55 not found"
(4).Tell me your BIOS make so that we can select an option to enable LBA and disable 32-bit mode.once installation is complete we again switch back to 32-bit mode
(5).try disabling ACPI mode in BIOS and continue installing

look some times a lottery of techniques might work

also check on the Hardware Compatibility List that your NIC card is listed.This is a known problem
Ned_KellyAuthor Commented:

Ned_KellyAuthor Commented:
Hi folks, Thankyou to everybody who has sent a comment.  I have only got back to the answers tonight, and tried the first on the list,  m0bov.  I took out my two 256m ram and inserted a 128m ram.  I then loaded the bios defaults and rebooted. I am happy to say that win2000 is up and running with no errors and a happy user.
I am going to award the points to m0bov, for his sugestion, and thank everybody else for their input.
Kind regards, Ned
Glad its sorted!
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