Virus & Security on Network

I have a laptop (client) computer which shares cable Internet with my desktop (host) computer.

If my host computer is running an anti-virus program as well as a security program (Zone Alarm), is the client computer protected by these programs when accessing the Internet?
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mpltechConnect With a Mentor Commented:
agreed, I just had a little background info from another question. He's using ICS I believe.

yes and no

your client computer is essentially using the host system as a firewall, and is therefore protected from being accessed directly from the internet. Zonealarm is not responsible for this protection, rather it is inherant in the way your network is set up. The host system, on the other hand, is directly addressable from the internet, so you've definately got Zonealarm on the right system.

your laptop, however, is not protected from viruses in any way.

Actually this depends on how things are setup. If your sharing the cable connection via a hub your host pc isn't protecting the laptop from anything, firewall or AV. If it is setup via the Internet Connection Sharing on the host pc then the above statements would apply.

heat_doctorAuthor Commented:
Yes, indeed!
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