Win 2K (not server) and IIS

I am currently working in PWS/Win98 and have some problems with it.
I'm thinking of changing to Win2k (not server) and using IIS for my
development work. Before going ahead - does Win2k have IIS so I can
use this for my development environment, or do I need to install
Win2k server to be able to use IIS?

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jmiller47Connect With a Mentor Commented:
In a word, Yes. Just go to Add/Remove programs and click on Add/Remove Windows Components.
Malek103197Author Commented:
I'm assuming you mean in Win2K - not Win2K Server - correct?
Yes win2k pro has IIS.  Server is extremely bloated on default install so use 2kpro unless you need the extended services that server offers.  Win2kPro is like an 18Mb install.  After install go to add/remove windows components as jmiller had said.
yes - Windows 2000 Pro. :)
Malek103197Author Commented:
Sorry for the delay. I've made the switch from 98 to win2000 and so far it was a good move. However, I'm always prompted to connect or stay "offline" to run the .asp. Either way i cannot run my asp file unless I log onto the internet. This never happened on Win 98. Is there a IE setting I must look at?
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