Preventing resize of MDI Child forms

In my visual basic application , I have lot of MDI Child form. Out of all the MDI Child form , one MDI child form is always in the open state. My problem is that form is getting resized when the other MDI child form resized(minimize,maximize,restored). I want that one MDI child form should not get resized automatically.
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AndySulzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
add this

private sub form_resize()
  on error resume next
  height = 1343' or what ever you want the height to be
  width = 23433 ' ""                       width    ""
end sub
Hi Sarakrishna,

To prevent the resizing of MDI Child Forms
just change the one property of the MDI Child Forms

That Property is BorderStyle ( Change it to FixedDialog or any of the FixedBorder Style )

Now the user will not be able to resize the MDI Child Forms.

sarankrishnaAuthor Commented:

my problme is if I restore one MDI child form other child form geting resized automatically. I want to allow only manual resize
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Anthony PerkinsCommented:

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Can't U just make it a separate form (Not MDI CHILD!!!)
sarankrishnaAuthor Commented:
No I want a MDI Child only
Its not easy, especially if you want the user to be able to manually resize it.

1)  Add a picturebox control to the mdi form.  In the resize event of the mdi, size the picturebox to fill the entire area of the mdi.
2)  declare the SetParent api:

   Private Declare Function SetParent Lib "user32" (ByVal hWndChild As Long, ByVal hWndNewParent As Long) As Long

3)  set the parent of your mdi child to the picture box.

SetParent NameOfChildForm.hWnd, Me.Picture1.hWnd

The above line assumes the code is in the mdi form somewhere, hence the Me.Picture1.

4)  Since the child is now owned by the picture box, the normal resize stuff that happens automatically in an mdi no longer affect it.
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