Route mapping system with Ms Map Point 2002

What are the potentials for defining an application for delivery route mapping system using Microsoft Mappoint 2000.

Can we mould the way maps appears in Mappoint?
Is there any third party apps available in market?

Greatful for any info.

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keithlongConnect With a Mentor Commented:
They do not deal with other software, just there own but they are quite capable of buying another map and importing it for use within the sotware.

For instance, from what I know
we use
AA 2000, 2001, 2002 UK
AMD Ireland Map
Navtech France
Navtech UK

I don't think they have done maps in Canada, but the map is basically bought on a per client basis, and from what I am aware map preperation is a trivial issue. It's just a matter, of pricing and producing the map.

The complex issue, is the "implementation" for your deliveries. If you are not running a reasonably sized depot it is possible Optrak is overkill for your solution.

Optrak, do tend to deal with the harder end of the routing problems such as Multi-Depot, Oil tanker based problems etc.

The most recent addition is real-time routing of vehicles, by the addition of IN-Cab boxes with built in GPS that can send SMS messages.

They can display the progress of trips on a GIS-Map, and view the delivery schedule as it occurs in realtime.

If you are interested in the software contact optrak sales. The website, additionally contains video where you can see the latest version of the product in action..


Keith Long

Since this is an Office App question then you may find more help in that topic area:

Or take a look at these links:
My current employer makes this kind of software
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driversAuthor Commented:
Thanks keith.. but does yr employer deals with North American mapping software like Canada.

Map point 2000 and 2001 will not work correctly if you are trying to make aplications to run with them you will need map point 2002.

for example if you use Netstumbler to find Wireless access points that are open to network intrusion and you are using a gps unit with it it gives a Long Lat for each access point.
But to run an aplication to convert the long lat text files is not capable but with 2002 they have given enough source codes for people to develope programs that will take the long and lat in text and convert it to map locations and the various reading in the program.
driversAuthor Commented:
Fozzy Thanks for comments. I am not programmer myself, all i am doing is linking my existing ms access database to mappoint 2002 to print delivery maps for our drivers. Since the number of stops are too high (let say 60 - 100 or some time even more per driver) when it optimize the route it doesn't give you zoom in map to print where drivers can also see "small side streets". I have to zoom in every stop manually and then capture to word or notepad to printscreen capture.

any suggestions.

driversAuthor Commented:
Thanks all, i am closing this question although havn't got real help but keith's answer was detailed one which gives me some thought for long run.

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