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I work in a company with 3000 Desktop machines that all have the same admin passwords, some off the staff have found this password out, so we need to change it ASAP. Is there any software out there that will let me change the admin passwords on all these machines. Or is there a good way to do it through scripts.

We have NT 4.0 Sp6a Domain Controllers with a mix of NT 4.0 Sp6a Workstations and Windows 2000 Pro SP2 Workstations.

Thanks in advance

If you need any more info let me know.
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steinmtoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check out cryptpwd.exe.

CryptPwd Ver 0.91 Apr97 by G.Zanzen (c) MCS Central Europe
Sets a random password to a user
usage: -u UserName (default Administrator)
       -m \\MachineName (default LocalMachine)
  Resetting Password Function
       -p Set to a random password
       -P xxx Sets password to xxx
  Rename User Function
       -r xxx Renames user to xxx
       -c xxx sets Comment to xxx

Besides some of the software used to hack into a computer, I can not think of any Utility that allows you to change a password remotely.

You may be able to force a password change, but access to the password itself is well protected.

I hope this helps !
Here is a piece of software that will do this of you.

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If the hyperlink does not work go here to download.
Another program to look at.
pubeheedAuthor Commented:
I am away from work when I get back I will check these out.

Thanks for the solutions

Give the points to STEINMTO because I was in that same situation and the cryptpwd worked great! Thanks steinmto!
pubeheedAuthor Commented:
I found a script from that enabled me to change the password for all computers in the domain, the script also enables you to remove any users from the admin group that should not be there and log any machines that have failed. It is one hell of a script, I have it running once a month and I am hitting about 98% (from 3000) of the machines in 2 days. If you can't find the Script let me know and I will post it here or forward it to you.

I tried you program STEINMTO and it did the trick for changing the password although I find the script is more successful. I appreciate your help and I want to give you the points. Sorry it took so long

Thanks again

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