Urgert,need your advice,thanks!

Hello,experts, I plan to buy a few game programming books on game programming tech, game design etc., would you please give me some suggestions respectively?? Which books should I buy?

three aspects:
a general book on game programming as a whole
a book on game design
a book on various game techniques.

which is best in each field? or what's your advice?

Best regards
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CriusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For general game programming, I'd suggest Game Programming for Dummies written by Andre Lamothe. It's a good coverage for DirectX programming, and explains concepts like double buffering, and other neat programming tricks used widely in the industry.
It depends very much on where you want to go. If you plan to work in the game industry you might want to consider doing demos first. Check out http://www.pouet.net/ first to see what I mean. I very much doubt that books will teach you how it's done -- the internet is way more flexible and up-to-date.
Anyway, let's give you some hints:
* Game programming is way too complex to pack into a book titled 'Game Programming as a Whole' -- basically you need to now how to set up a game loop and then take special techniques for just about anything else. Personally I dislike Andre Lamothe -- he certainly is not the guru he claims to be. Impressive to those that don't know any better...
* My best bet on game design is 'Game Architecture and Design' by Andrew Rollings
* On programming techniques I would recommend:
* * The entire 'Game Programming Gems' Series by Mark DeLoura - although part II has more depth
* * '3D Game Engine Design - A Practical Approach' by David H. Eberly. A basic 3D game engine with a solid theoretical background.
* * 'Design Patterns' by Erich Gamma, et al. Not exactly game specific but extremely helpful during the design process of any large scale process.
* Possibly, but definately not a must, are books on theory like 'Computer Graphics - Practices and Principles' by James D. Foley, et al

Those are just recommondations that I have found helpful in my specific projects. Other programmers in other fields may disagree and come up with an entirely different list. Hop over to amazon.com and read through reviews to find out more.

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WynAuthor Commented:
In fact, i want to know which book can be a good beginning on game programming as a whole.
Thanks go to fl0yd and Crius!!
I guess I already stated that the best way to approach game programming - IMHO - is to do demos. They call for some of the same techniques as those used in games but don't ask for as much effort as games do. The only difference between the two is interactivity, really. While this is just one, admittedly long, word it is synonymous for a step into a whole new dimension. Everything changes the moment a human user introduces his/her totally unpredictable inputs. Before you take that step you should master all the rest down to the detail.

This is very much subject to discussion and no more than an opinion based on personal experience. I'd be more than surprised to not see any discussion on this topic.
WynAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your insightful words
I haven't really looked into it, but this link might be of some help to you:
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