I am new to frontpage

I want to make a website, the problem is that I don't know how. My friend suggested to use frontpage. I have installed the frontpage from my XP office. Is there any tutorial program. I don't know how to used it. Experts, please advise me what to do.
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Bit_TwiddlerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Whether one uses a WYSIWYG web tool like FP or Dreamweaver or HTML editors like 1st page or Sausage Sizlers Hot Dog one is still left with a learning curve when it comes to the software. Which is what I gathered was a large part of the original question.

HTML editers save you some time typing tags but they don't inherently teach you HTML. They can aid in the laerning process. Viewing the code generated by a WYSIWYG tool like FP or Dreamweaver can do the same. A lot depends on your individual learning style.

Whatever the route one takes it is unavoidable that some time is spent both learning the software and learning HTML in order to produce a page where you understand how the code works.

If your needs are for quick results then focus on learning FP. You can always focus on the understanding HTML later.

There are many good HTML tutorials on the web. A few can be found at:






Many good HTML books are available as well.

You can find basic FP info at:


A tutorial for FP 2002 that you can download at:


A free course (FP2000) but some is applicable to FP2002 at:


Also there is plenty of helpful info in the built in Help for FP.

There are also many books out for using FP as well.

However unless you have a version of Windows that supports a web server (Win95,Win98,WinNT, Win2K, WinXP Professional) not Win XP Home you cannot develop anything other than disk based webs and will not be able to use the full features of FP.

Although FrontPage will help get a good looking web site up fast, you won't know how it works or what the tags do.  This may cause problems as soon as you want to do something unusual or just change pieces of your site.

I very strongly recommend you take a little more time and work directly with HTML.  1st Page from Evrsoft is a free, good HTML editor.
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esoriAuthor Commented:
where can I download that?
esoriAuthor Commented:
wow, Im getting a good advise in here.... I have just staring to learn the FP..
I would like to see a site where Newbies get taken from A - Z. Someplace they can network happily and waste peoples time. I dont believe EE is the right forum as experts are experts and this intimidates me. What most of us need is somewhere we can start painting by numbers.

I know resourcing this sort of site could be a problem but if moderators were able to promote their "commercial services" in return for hand holding it should work.

Does such a site already exist. If not is there anyone who would like to get involvedc and help get it off the ground.

What do you need to start? A forum? How difficult is it?
I also suggest you go to http://www.coffeecup.com and try out their editor. It will help you learn HTML but is easy enough for a beginner. You can download it for free.
Although this does not apply directly to your question about where to learn about front page however I am recommending this site for starting to learn the basic html.


This website also teaches you quite a bit of other stuff related to website building as well.

As a side note about FP2002, it is a good program if you do not wish to get too into html yourself, and you can always test things there (through using the html tab) however you have to realize that some of the html codes that it uses is not really up to standard and not recommended.
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