Error of w2k server RRAS , event ID 20106


I have installed a W2K server. one NIC have a fixed IP , another one i have assiged a private IP as I started the RRAS service to share internet. However , it doesn't work.I installed W2KSP2 and tried again. It also fail.

I have see the event view. there is a error event 20106 appear. i have search form there is a article. it show below:

However, my setting is not same as mention . why i cannot using NAT to share my Internet???????????

To resolve this behavior, see whether the relevant RRAS server is configured only for local area network (LAN) routing:

Click Start , point to Programs , point to Administrative Tools , and then click Routing and Remote Access .

Right-click the relevant RRAS server, and then click Properties .

Click the General tab, and see whether Local routing only (LAN router) is selected.

If the server is configured only for LAN routing, you can ignore the event. In LAN-only mode, the IP Router Manager does not accept the internal interface because the internal interface is used to govern the behavior of wide area network (WAN) interfaces that dial in to the network.

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OK, If you only want NAT, then
take a look at the following, and also search the MS site on guide to setting up RRAS/NAT.

Is this a DC ?

Are you using DHCP ?

It looks like your Lan and Internet settings may not be correct.

Is your 2000 machine a DC ? I ask because it would imply that DNS server is installed on the
                      Advanced server.
  -If I have this straight you have 2 nic's in the server. One nic is a dhcp client to the cable network
  & 1 has a static address.
 -On the dns server delete the root zone (.) enable forwarders (ISP's DNS) & root hints.
 -have your dhcp push the servers Inside IP for dns resolution ONLY. You should also be pushing    as the gateway or router option in dhcp (i think its option 003).
  -The idea is....All client's including the server itself point to for dns resolution. The
    forwarders will resolve any internet requests & return the results to the clients.
  -Disable rras after reconfiguring any options & re-setup enabling nat on the cable NIC.
 -If you configure it this way your clients will have internet connectivity & have dns configured idealy
From: Housenet     Date: 03/06/2001 04:33PM PST
 I was told a few months back by a senior an engineer at Microsoft rras premium support  that if anything networking related changes (including, IP change, Nic drivers, add modem, remove modem,
                 basically almost anything you could directly relate to "networking") & you have rras enabled for whatever
                 functionality or services. You should finish up "the change" by disabling Rras & re-enabling it.
                 -When reenabling "The wizard" that you can run through to pick a generic configuration for your rras
                 although very helpful is somewhat broken & should be avoided. When you re-enable rras always choose
                 "manual config" & setup your options from within rras administration within the mmc.

                 -With my 2 years experience setting up a few DOD tunnels for the purpose of creating full trusts, it
                 made perfect sense to me... Many registry settings & binding in rras are not updated when changes are
                 made. When you re-enable, they are updated correctly. You only really see evidence of the need for this
                 procedure when you have strange errors & results that do not seem to reflect the configuration of the
                 server... Is this making any sense ?

-Anyways.. I was obviously wrong in my initial comment about no documentation for DOD to ISP & Nat through
                 the Modem because its all layed out in the in routing & remote access. After replacing the modem
                 & re-enabling rras, open rras mmc. Righ click the servername. Choose help. search for "connect to the
                 internet using a modem". follow the instructions for
                 - All network Static route "Use this route to initiate demand-dial connections "
                 -Routed connection to the Internet
                 -ESPECIALLY "Configuring a routed connection"
                 -There is alot to consider but it is possible.

                 -I suggest as you read through ...take notes because there are about 50 steps to complete in rras & 
                 then the client stations (covered in "Configuring a routed connection")


Look at these :
win2k help

  I gave you the link to Win2000 RAS setup. Here is a better link at the same site that has all settings with screen shots even. You do have to have the right TCP/IP settings     (correct IP address) for your server setup. Also you have to startup the RAS service on the server to wait for an incoming call. It's very similar to PCAnywhere, where you have it wait for an incoming connection.

I hope this helps !
garyluk6Author Commented:
Dear SysExpert

My suituation is using the basic NAT setting of the RAS. my purpose is  only share the internet on a leased line connect, But not to use ICS.Your reference resource kit aim to the vpn setting.
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